DIAMONDS NEWS – Nivoda unveils major expansion with Melee on platform


LONDON – Nivoda, a jewelry industry marketplace, has announced a development to its on-platform stone selection: the inclusion of Melee, both natural and lab-grown.

This expansion represents a significant step in supporting the evolving needs of retail jewelers and reinforces Nivoda’s position as an industry leader.

DIAMONDS NEWS – Nivoda unveils major expansion with Melee on platform

Melee, now available for purchase on the Nivoda platform, was initially launched in August to a select group of customers in the UK.

Following a successful rollout, Nivoda expanded its availability globally.

The response has seen the Melee sales contribution skyrocketing by 56% in new order count from Q3 to Q4 2023 and by 117% in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).

To enhance the Melee experience on the platform, Nivoda unveiled a redesigned front-end Customer Experience (CX) with customized filtering capabilities.

In order to ensure a high standard of quality for its customers, Nivoda will launch with a limited number of reliable, top quality suppliers for Melee.

Recognizing the variability in quality due to different grading criteria, the platform has employed Nivoda-defined ‘Quality’ standards to provide a reliable and consistent purchasing experience.

One buyer, TC & Reve, stated that they “started ordering melee this year for both the UK and US and so far [are] happy with the quality and will continue to order.”

Another customer, 247 Diamonds Ltd, said the experience of buying Melee on the platform was “absolutely perfect”.

Understanding the unique challenges associated with non-certified Melee stones, Nivoda is prioritizing authentication and calibration.

Supplier onboarding will involve rigorous standards for product detail images, comprehensive descriptions, and last-mile located samples.

The platform will offer product tours and on-platform tips to help customers understand the intricacies of their purchases and build trust in the quality of stones offered.

A dedicated link next to the ‘quality’ dropdown, labeled ‘Nivoda’s Quality Standard,’ will guide customers through the company’s parcel grouping and quality control standards.

Nivoda’s expansion into Melee marks a significant step forward in delivering a diverse and quality-focused selection for its customers.

The company said it remained committed to innovation, customer service, and maintaining the highest standards in the jewelry industry.