Diamonds4Crypto is the first online diamond retailer to accept payment in cryptocurrencies


As of Friday November 26th, 2021 is the world’s first diamond company to accept payment in cryptocurrency.

Nine cryptocurrencies are accepted including Bitcoin, Etherium, and Dogecoin. Digital currencies are accepted for purchases across a broad range of natural diamond sizes and price points.

All diamonds are ethically sourced and manufactured, combining craftsmanship with the latest technology to provide consumers with both the world’s finest diamonds and the ability to pay with cryptocurrency.

Consistent with our commitment to new technology every diamond is blockchain authenticated providing a diamond’s history and provenance. A Non-fungible token ( NFT) for each diamond is stored on the blockchain to certify it is unique and provide proof of ownership.

The founder of Diamonds4Crypto, Jonathan Kendall, with over two decades experience in the diamond industry, said:  “Diamonds are as popular as ever and investing in digital technology to embrace new consumers is important for the future of the industry. I believe that digital currencies are here to stay and I want to give customers the choice to buy the finest diamonds using cryptocurrency, from a secure and trusted platform, backed up by blockchain and NFT technology.”

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Jonathan Kendall