Digital trading platform Gembridge expands its industry ambassador network to Africa


Digital trading platform Gembridge has expanded its industry ambassador network of respected coloured gemstone dealers to Africa with the appointment of Kenyan dealer and miner Miriam Mimo Kamau who plans to help showcase the continent’s importance as a gem producer by listing a wide variety of its gemstones.

Miriam, who rose from an economically disadvantaged background in rural Kenya to become founder and director of gemstone supplier Mimo Gem Traders, will join a list of established dealers in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia to build the digital marketplace for coloured gemstones.

After graduating from high school in 1994, Miriam’s father died, forcing her into work to help her mother raise her siblings. She became passionate about gemstones when a U.S. gem dealer hired her as a receptionist in Nairobi.

Fascinated by the trade, Miriam’s employer increasingly involved her in the business and she obtained gemmology certificates from Kenya and South Africa in diamond and coloured gemstone identification, including processing from rough to cut polished minerals, cutting, sorting and marketing.

“I am looking forward to listing a broad assortment of gemstones from Kenya and other African countries on the Gembridge platform, which will include tsavorites, tanzanites, sapphires, rubies and tourmalines, among many others,” Miriam said.

“I want to help put Kenya and the rest of Africa on the map – and showcase Africa’s significance as a gem-producing continent — when it comes to gemstone trading through Gembridge.”

Miriam is one of the few female dealers and miners in the male-dominated Kenyan, indeed African, gemstone trade.

She often sets out on demanding journeys into the remote bush, risking encounters with wild animals, to source gemstones for her business. Miriam Mimo Kamau

Miriam Mimo Kamau

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