Domino delivers maximum choice with new multi-stone range


Domino delivers maximum choice with new multi-stone range

April 10, 2018 – Domino have revitalised and relaunched their current multi-stone rings collection, increasing the number of settings and styles now available.
Domino delivers maximum choice with new multi-stone range The decision to further improve the range was driven by a resurgence of demand for multi-stone settings, as consumers continue to defy traditional jewellery purchase stereotypes with multi-stone rings being chosen to commemorate a wider range of celebrations.

The refreshed collection features traditional and design-led settings, with bands available with 3, 5 or 7 stone settings.

Whether consumers are being influenced by the Meghan Markle effect or whether they are simply seeking multi-stone rings to celebrate significant milestones, Domino’s new, improved range has been designed to deliver.

Customer feedback over the past few months has indicated a significant increase in consumers purchasing multi-stone rings, which had previously been positioned as Half-Eternity Rings, for a wider and sometimes surprising range of reasons.

Commenting on the new range, Creative Director Naomi Newton-Sherlock, said: “We’re really pleased to be able to offer this refreshed range to our customers. We know that there remains a strong appetite for multi-stone rings.
Domino delivers maximum choice with new multi-stone range “We wanted to ensure that we created a range that responded to the traditional appetites as well changing trends. Increasingly we are witnessing multi-stone rings being purchased as engagement or commitment rings. We are also seeing a dramatic increase in multi-stone ring self-purchase, as consumers seek to further personalise their look.

“The beauty of this range is that not only can customers personalise the number of stones, they can also choose to have their choice of precious stone, further widening choice.”

The range includes 7 designs which can be set with either 3, 5 or 7 stones, plus 4 new design-led pieces which incorporate creative setting styles, shaped stones and different silhouettes.

Two of the designs come semi-set, each featuring delicate micro settings, with other designs featuring flush, multi claw and fishtail settings.

Most of the collection is available with two-part mounts, allowing retailers further flexibility of bi-metal options also.

All rings within the collection are available in Platinum, 18ct White, Yellow and Rose Gold, and can be ordered unset or set with the retailer’s choice of either GVS or HSi diamonds.

The new range will be available online and to view with Domino’s sales team from 20th April.
Domino delivers maximum choice with new multi-stone range