Domino introduces “Fusion” interlocking diamond ring range


Domino introduces “Fusion” interlocking diamond ring range

May 2019 – Domino Jewellery is bringing newness to the UK high street with its ‘Fusion’ collection, a range of interlocking diamond rings which taps into the continuing trend for stacking jewellery with a contemporary design.

This is Domino’s third new range this year, delivering on their pledge to support retailers with innovation of design and product to buoy up the challenging jewellery market.

Commenting on the newest range, Creative Director Naomi Newton-Sherlock said: “We are always looking at ways that we can best support our retailers to respond to consumer trends and appetite, with high-quality design and product.

“Our new Fusion rings have been introduced to respond to consumer demand for stacking and layering jewellery. Perfect for both gifting and self-purchasing, they are the ideal purchase to celebrate an occasion such as an engagement, anniversary, birthday or promotion, or simply bought to complement existing jewellery pieces.”

Domino introduces “Fusion” interlocking diamond ring range

Domino’s Fusion rings have been designed to provide consumers with multiple looks — they can be worn as interlocking rings or flipped to create a totally different layered look.

Worn with an engagement ring, they create beautiful bridal stacks providing the perfect alternative to a traditional wedding ring.

Alternatively, they can be used to enhance bridal suites for evening wear and events or stacked with eternity bands to create a stunning lifestyle stack.

Naomi added, “This range will allow a core segment of our retail customers to exploit the current demand for trend-led, high-quality, high-carat diamond pieces; by tapping into the stacking or layering trends, we are presenting our retailers with more options for their customers. The key for many consumers is choice and this new range delivers just that.”

Fusion is available in Platinum and 18ct white, yellow or rose gold, set with HSi diamonds. The collection can be ordered on Domino’s website and can be viewed with their sales representatives.

More information on the new collection is available via or by calling the team on +44 (0)121 236 4772.

Domino introduces “Fusion” interlocking diamond ring range