Domino launches ‘Platinum Gold’, a new and exclusive platinum alloy


Domino launches ‘Platinum Gold’, a new and exclusive platinum alloy

BIRMINGHAM, England, January 9, 2017 – Domino has announced that from February 2017 all its platinum wedding bands will be created and crafted in ‘Platinum Gold’, a new alloy which mixes platinum with pure gold, rather than other platinum group metals, to create an alloy that has 97.3% precious metal content.
Domino launches ‘Platinum Gold’, a new and exclusive platinum alloy

“Platinum Gold is perhaps the most luxurious and precious of all the platinum alloys and will offer our retailers a real point of difference in the wedding ring market,” explains Domino’s sales and marketing director, Andrew Sollitt.

“It enhances all the advantages of all previous platinum alloys and has, we believe, set a new platinum standard.”

Whilst it may be a premium alloy, the rings created in Platinum Gold will not be sold at a premium price, as Domino wants its customer base to experience maximum benefit from this new and exciting alloy.

As well as its high precious metal content, Platinum Gold is brilliantly white and will enhance the beauty of sparkling diamonds. Furthermore, in addition to its great strength and hardness, Platinum Gold’s malleability is exceptionally good allowing Domino to introduce increasingly creative designs with intricate detail to their offering.

“We have been testing Platinum Gold for some months now and I am pleased to report that not only is it beautiful and exclusive, it also has excellent manufacturing properties.  We are confident that it will further enhance our production processes and ensure a truly luxurious product of the highest possible quality,” says Sollitt.
Domino launches ‘Platinum Gold’, a new and exclusive platinum alloy At present Platinum Gold is being introduced to Domino’s new Wedding Ring Collection, which has been dramatically expanded for 2017 and will launch at Jewellery & Watch, in Birmingham (Hall 17, Stand P38-Q39).

“With exclusive UK rights for the foreseeable future, we are hugely excited about the qualities and possibilities that Platinum Gold provides and are hopeful that in time it will become synonymous with the Domino brand,” says Sollitt.