Domino launches “Sienna” diamond-set ring collection


Domino launches “Sienna” diamond-set ring collection

BIRMINGHAM, England, June 30, 2012 – Domino’s new ‘Sienna’ diamond-set collection of rings is fashionable, edgy jewellery which makes a statement and excites the senses.
“Our customer research shows us that in the current economic climate retailers are looking for rings that offer the consumer just that little bit more whilst also
meeting crucial price points — and this is exactly what the new Sienna Collection gives them,” said Domino’s sales and marketing director, Andrew Sollitt.
Domino launches “Sienna” diamond-set ring collection

The Sienna Collection features 64 rings, over half of which are totally new designs, offering at least 40 engagement rings and five matching wedding bands.
Whilst all the pieces have a luxurious high-end look and feel, the mounts, which start at just two grams of gold, are designed to be light, meaning that prices start from as little as £238 +VAT.
Some of the pieces – all of which are designed by Domino’s new product development team – have been created  following comprehensive research of this autumn’s key fashion trends:  ‘Another Dimension’, ‘Hidden Secrets’, ‘Enchanted Land’ and ‘Delicate Opulence’.
‘Another Dimension’ adds interest using layering and overlapping to create a strongly three-dimensional element to the ring design.
‘Hidden Secrets’ – a trend about subtlety and personalisation – features tiny diamonds set in order to be only visible to the wearer, thus adding a luxurious touch.
Domino launches “Sienna” diamond-set ring collection
The stone setting for ‘Enchanted Land’ – a trend all about mystery and magic – is transformed from the shape of a crown when viewed from the side to a star when viewed from above.
However it is ‘Delicate Opulence’ – a trend which takes traditional design and embellishes it to create luxurious yet unostentatious jewels – which is already proving a firm favourite with Domino retailers.
“These light and dainty rings have a richness of feel normally only found in much more expensive pieces and this makes them absolutely ideal for today’s market,” Sollitt said.
Domino launches “Sienna” diamond-set ring collection
The entire Sienna range is available from stock across a range of alloys and in many different stone sizes.
A fully illustrated catalogue, perfect for use at the point-of-sale, is available on request.


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