Domino relaunches website


Domino relaunches website

July 2018 – Domino continues with its focus on customer support with the relaunch of its customer website and online resources and tools.

The Birmingham-based manufacturer has been working behind the scenes finalising improvements to its online portal, following direct customer feedback on changes required to support its diverse customer audiences.

The new website launched on Monday 9th July 2018, leading with the new Diamond Ring Mount collection. Customers may have started to notice some of the aesthetic changes applied over the past few weeks, however. The major changes have happened behind the scenes. Changes include:

•    Faster, easier live price checking
•    Improved data table and product presentation
•    Simplified navigation, enhanced filters and improved search functionality
•    Improved design and images across the website

Commenting on the new, improved website, Marketing Co-Ordinator Chantelle Serrell-Cooke, said: “We knew that the fundamentals of our website were on the money. However, we also knew that there were elements that we could improve. We asked our customers for feedback and we went back to basics.

“The new website delivers on the requirements that our customers stated were the priorities. They want quick live pricing, great product images and data tables that are easy to understand and present to their customers.”

Serrell-Cooke added, “We researched and benchmarked against luxury fashion brand websites, but also looked at companies within the much wider consumer market, such as Apple and Sony. We’re really pleased with the new website and we’re looking forward to hearing the reviews from our customers.
Domino relaunches website “Their feedback has driven a lot of the improvements we have made so far, so we want to make sure we’ve delivered against their expectations.”

Domino customers will have access to the new website, designed to be easier to use with improved speed, functionality and product display, from Monday 9th July 2018.

All current Domino product ranges are available on the new website, including wedding rings, ring mounts, neckwear and wrist wear, as well as earrings and pendants.

The new Diamond Ring Mounts range, which Domino has launched with the strapline and hashtag ‘Real Women. Real Jewellery.’ will also be available on the new website.