Endless Jewelry named ‘Hot Brand’ for U.S. re-order potential


Endless Jewelry named ‘Hot Brand’ for U.S. re-order potential

March 26, 2015 – Danish superbrand Endless Jewelry has been listed as one of the leading brands for future re-orders in the U.S. market, based on feedback given to jewellery trade title Instore Magazine.
Endless Jewelry named ‘Hot Brand’ for U.S. re-order potential

Endless Jewelry was pitched as one of the top brands for re-orders in Instore’s latest ‘Hot Brands’ list.
The list is measured each month by a group of more than 145 influential jewellery retailers based across the United States, focusing on fashion, fine and bridal brands with high and regular re-order potential.
According to feedback for the month of February 2015, Endless Jewelry was the seventh most-mentioned ‘Hot Brand’ in terms of re-order potential for the month.
Endless Jewelry is sold through more than 3,500 independent and multiple stores globally, including 1,100 stores in the U.S. and 250 in Canada.
Endless Jewelry launched in North America in May 2014 with an appearance at jewellery trade fair JCK Las Vegas, where the brand’s debut was described as “record-breaking” in comparison to other brands making their first appearance at the show.
Endless Jewelry founder and CEO Jesper Nielsen commented on Endless’s presence in the U.S., saying: “It confirms that sales in the U.S. are going well. Keeping in mind we only have a third of the doors compared to some of the names above us on Instore’s Hot Brands list, it’s a strong signal to the market.
“The numbers for March will be stronger, following the massive exposure won by Jennifer Lopez wearing her Creme Metallic Endless bracelet on American Idol.”


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