Endless Jewelry showcases new collections at Jewellery and Watch Birmingham


Endless Jewelry showcases new collections at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham

Jesper Nielsen, founder of Endless Jewelry, tells Jewellery Outlook about the new collections the brand will be showcasing at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham, which starts on February 1.

Q: Jesper, what is Endless looking to achieve at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham in 2015?
A: First of all, I am looking forward to presenting our new colours and charms in both our classic collection and in the Jennifer Lopez Collection.
It will be the first time it is presented live, and I have enormous expectations for our Spring/Summer collections, which will give us a total of 20 bracelet colours and more than 600 unique charms.
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
All charms are made individually by hand and I think people will be surprised when they see and feel the quality.
I am very much looking forward to meeting our existing loyal partners, and hopefully get the chance to talk to a lot of new partners, who will join us on our journey.

Q: How is the expansion of Endless in Europe and the United States progressing?
A: Despite very ambitious production, in 2014 demand for Endless outgrew our supply at certain times.
It’s been amazing to experience the way we have been welcomed in the markets in Europe and North America, and today we have more than 3,300 points of sale worldwide.

Jennifer Lopez
In the US we managed to secure 1,100 partners in less than six months and in Canada we added 250 partners in the last quarter of 2014.
In the UK, we have more than 300 partners and I think it’s safe to say this number can double in 2015.
We are very focused upon giving each point of sale their own geographical space, so while there is a limit, we’re not anywhere near that limit yet.

Q: What are your targets for 2015? Are Latin America, the Middle East and Asia in your sights too?
A: Ultimately there is no market that could not be an Endless market, but I am very satisfied with the reach of Endless Jewelry at this point, market wise.
Our bracelets and charms are sold in 18 countries and our focus right now is to be as strong as possible in these markets – marketing wise, supply wise and sales wise.

Endless Jewelry showcases new collections at Jewellery and Watch Birmingham
We owe it to our existing and upcoming partners to be 100% committed to meeting the demand – and to make a lot of noise so that the end user will know exactly who we are, and where to buy Endless Jewelry.

Q: What makes Endless jewellery special and appealing for a retailer to stock? What factors have driven the brand’s success so far?
A: We are a partner-focused company, meaning that we use a lot of resources to create and keep the optimal marketing and sales toolbox.
POS support is a fundamental part of our DNA.
Our customers are our partners, and we aim to support all sales efforts and branding, including in-store furniture, posters, backboards, A-boards, towers, packaging, presentation trays, gift boxes, showcards, and support in-store events like Ladies’ Nights, VIP Nights and other events.

Endless jewellery
On top of this we have secured one of the world’s most interesting celebrities to head our marketing campaigns and to co-design her own line under the Endless umbrella.
I do not think you can underestimate the effect of our partnership with Jennifer Lopez, and the next campaign will really be something special.
This will definitely rub off on every stockist carrying Endless Jewlery.

Q: What trade fairs around the world does Endless expect to participate in this year?
A: We are very active in areas where we can meet and talk to our partners and potential partners.
In the UK we’ll be in Birmingham at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham, IJL and the CMJ Trade Events.
Jesper Nielsen
Jesper Nielsen
And then we’re at INHORGENTA in Münich, JCK in Las Vegas as well as a wide range of trade fairs worldwide.

Q: What updates are you planning to your jewellery range in 2015?
A: We will extend our collection of bracelets and charms, but we might just bring in something completely new later on this year.
Like with everything else we do, I can only assure you, it’s not going to be boring.

Q: How is your partnership with Jennifer Lopez going?
A: She is a true professional and I have a tremendous respect for the way she handles herself – also when it comes to our partnership.
We are working very closely with her and her people, and when you see the new campaign you will know what I mean.
It’s such a pleasure to work with Jennifer Lopez and I am extremely proud that she has agreed to a long term contract, securing the partnership for years to come.