Endless opens first monobrand store in Estonia


Endless opens first monobrand store in Estonia

June 16, 2015 – Things are never quiet in the world of Endless Jewelry. This weekend the fast-moving jewellery brand opened its first monobrand store in Tallinn, Estonia.
First ever Endless Jewelry Monobrand Store
Endless opens first monobrand store in Estonia

Saturday morning (June 13, 2015), Endless Jewelry opened the doors to its first ever Monobrand Store. The opening also marks Endless’s entrance into Estonia, which is the brand’s 23rd new market in less than two years.
Hundreds of curious customers, VIP guests and partners participated in the grand opening, which was also attended by a range of national media, who had the chance to ask Endless Founder Jesper Nielsen one-on-one questions.
Nielsen said: “We have been active less than two years, and to open the first ever Endless Jewelry Monobrand Store at such an early stage is a massive statement.
“The number of customers and the attention we received here in Estonia tells it all. We had not yet sold a single bracelet in this country, and still we see hundreds of customers and national media here, and the positive vibes really created a great atmosphere – the word about Endless travels fast.
“The store in Tallinn is owned and operated by a partner, who on a distributor basis carries the Endless brand in all of Estonia. We are in the process of rolling out the concept in other new markets where we will also see monobrand stores, and as such it is a part of the strategy to build the brand worldwide. “
The store is 45sqm, situated in a premium location in the Ülemiste Center, which is the largest mall in Tallinn.
Endless Jewelry will open monobrand stores in Taiwan and in selected key locations in the coming weeks and months.


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