Exceptional Lalique seen outperforming in Art Nouveau jewels market


 Exceptional Lalique seen outperforming in Art Nouveau jewels market


Extraordinary Art Nouveau jewellery, such as early work by Rene Lalique, with a provenance, can fare just as well as Art Deco in the auctions market, Geneva-based Christie’s specialist Marie-Cécile Cisamolo tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.


Marie-Cécile presented a Jewellery Outlook webinar entitled “Art Nouveau – 10 years that changed the jewellery world

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What will be the main focus of your webinar?

The importance of the mostly unknown Art Nouveau movement in jewellery in the history of jewellery in general.


Historically, what was the top performing Art Nouveau item of jewellery in the auctions market?

Lot 45 in sale 15697 November 2017 Christie’s Geneva, a pendant by Lalique (attached is a close up.)


How does Art Nouveau perform, compared with other periods of jewellery, in the high value auctions market?

If it is high quality, it can perform just as well as Art Deco, and better than Retro. However, it is still quite niche — hence this webinar! ?


What is the outlook for Art Nouveau jewellery in the auctions market? What types of Art Nouveau pieces would outperform?

I think extraordinary pieces will always perform well. In terms of pieces that would outperform, I would say early Lalique, with a provenance, or a piece that has been in a museum like the Gulbenkian (in Lisbon) and would suddenly come up on the market.



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