EXHIBITION – Pure Brilliance: The Boodles Story to open at the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Liverpool on October 22, 2022


Pure Brilliance: The Boodles Story will open at the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Liverpool, England, on 22 October 2022 and will run throughout the gallery’s 100th anniversary year, until 5 March 2023. 

Courtesy of Boodles 

Courtesy of Boodles

The exhibition will showcase the jewellery brand’s 225-year story and show how Liverpool has helped shape the company’s growth, from much-loved family jeweller to purveyors of some of the most stunning jewels in the world. 

See how the heritage of Liverpool’s vibrant and creative jewellery industry in the late 19th century created a market for quality jewellery and metalwork, for which Boodles soon acquired a reputation.

Stunning pieces of historic jewellery from Liverpool makers and racing trophies made by Boodles will illustrate the early years of the firm. The company’s rise from city jeweller to the pinnacle of high-end design and manufacture will be shown through the dazzling and contemporary jewellery on display. 

Courtesy of Boodles 

Courtesy of Boodles 

Alyson Pollard, Head of the Lady Lever Art Gallery, said: “Each jewellery piece is really a unique work of art. As a celebration of beauty, the exhibition features examples of work by 19th century Liverpool jewellery makers as well as jewellery by Boodles. The exhibition will show how this Liverpool family firm, previously known for many years as Boodle and Dunthorne, became a world leading brand. The jewellery on display will be luxurious and the intricacies of jewellery design and manufacture can be explored. It’s going to be dazzling”.

James Amos, Director at Boodles, said: “It can take many of hours of craftsmanship to make just one piece. The ‘Just Beyond the Setting Sun’ cuff, for example, which was designed in our Liverpool Head Office, took over 400 hours of work to make at the craftsman’s bench.”

You will have the opportunity to see the story behind the jewellery from the sourcing of precious stones and metals through to the design and the manufacture of the pieces. See how the famous Boodles brand was created and venture into the glamourous world of high-end jewellery. It’s an opportunity to get close to some of the most imaginative and luxurious jewellery in the world, created by a family firm which still has its flagship store in Liverpool today.

The skill, creativity and craftsmanship of the jewellery on display is of the highest quality, something which resonates with the craftsmanship shown in the collections of the Lady Lever Art Gallery, which celebrates its 100-year anniversary in December 2022. 

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