Exhibition space filling up fast at Bangkok February 2018 show


Exhibition space filling up fast at Bangkok February 2018 show

The Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, whose 61st edition takes place on February 21-23, 2018, plays a vital role in driving forward Thailand as a leading gems and jewelry hub, Chantira Jimreivat Vivatrat, Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), the organizer of the show, tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.
Exhibition space filling up fast at Bangkok February 2018 show Chantira Jimreivat Vivatrat What will be the new and special innovative features of the February 2018 edition of Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair?

According to the buyers and press feedback from the 60th BGJF, one of Thailand’s gems and jewelry strengths lies in its heritage and craftsmanship. Therefore, it is the theme that DITP will highlight during the 61st Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair.
Together with our partners, namely the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT) and the SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (SACICT), the 61st BGJF promises to bring the best of Thai heritage and craftsmanship such as intricate gold and silver jewelry pieces with distinctive style and techniques from different gem districts of Thailand.

Exhibition space filling up fast at Bangkok February 2018 show

Examples are handcrafted gold jewelry from Sukhothai province, gold and silver nielloware following ancient techniques and characterized by graceful patterns on jewelry items, utensils as well as decorative items such as bowls, trays, picture frames, boxes etc.
This is Thailand’s pride and cultural heritage that has been passed down through generations. Besides, during this edition visitors will see a vast array of jewelry that brings a unique blend of local craftsmanship and modern design.
Meanwhile, the 61st Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair will continue to shine its spotlight on rising Niche Markets including Spiritual Power (jewelry of belief, horoscope and opulence), Metro Men (jewelry for men), The Moment (jewelry for wedding and special occasions) and Beyond Jewelry/ Jewelry Cross Over (modern and everyday-life gadgets as well as furniture and home décor items decorated with gems).
We have received very positive feedback since the Showcase’s first introduction and hope to inspire exhibitors to create more varieties in their products in order to expand their customer base.


Last but not least, following the previous fair’s success, the 61st BGJF will feature a bigger range in its “New Faces” section with 100 booths offering intricate jewelry pieces crafted by talented local people and smaller companies.

Exhibition space filling up fast at Bangkok February 2018 show Are there new initiatives planned to attract more buyers to the show from around the world?
The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) joins forces with Thai Trade Centers around the world to find potential sales agents and related associations to be BGJF partners.
By attracting more exhibitors, both from Thailand and overseas, DITP firmly believes that it can draw more buyers to the show.
For instance, Thai Trade Center Hong Kong has already signed an MOU with the Hong Kong Jewellery and Jade Manufacturers Association to be the sole agent for the 61st and 62nd BGJF, while Thai Trade Center Chennai has been discussing the possibility of conducting a loose Sri Lankan sapphire auction at the 61st BGJF edition.

In the meantime, DITP has planned to adjust its PR strategies to target the right audience, especially the existing and potential buyers, in order to better cater to their demands as they are the key players of the show.

Will the layout of the exhibition be different, compared to previous editions of the show? Are you expecting an increase in the number of exhibitors? How are orders from exhibitors to take part in February doing so far?

The BGJF organizer will utilize the layout of the 60th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair for the 61st and 62nd editions so that exhibitors can publicize their booth location early while repeated visitors will be familiar with each product zone.
Exhibition space for the 61st Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair is filling up quickly as over 60 percent of exhibitors have already submitted participation payment.

Exhibition space filling up fast at Bangkok February 2018 show There is a special discount for exhibitors joining two fairs a year.

With such an incentive, DITP is expecting 1,000 exhibitors at the February edition, an increase of 10% from the 2017 show.
Moreover, DITP foresees more international exhibitors in raw materials (stones, silver and gold) as well as supporting industries to underline the country’s position as a leading gems and jewelry trading hub.

How will the branding and social media messages from the fair evolve? Will the fair be active on Instagram and Twitter?
As the organizer of the fair, DITP recognizes the power of social media in boosting brand awareness of Thai gems and jewelry as well as the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair (BGJF).

During past years, BGJF has become more active on social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). Yet, there is much more to be done.

More emphasis has been put on reaching out to target audiences using different social media advertising platforms while creating content that will better appeal to our targets.

We are also improving our PR strategies and messages to be more creative and to better communicate to our customers.

Are you planning trade seminars to add value for Thai manufacturers and exporters attending the show?

During the Fair, DITP has outlined a series of insightful seminars whose purpose is to improve the quality of exhibitors and product offering such as market trends, sales and marketing.

On the technical side, renowned gem and jewelry institutions, namely GIT, GIA and others, will give insightful talks for both exhibitors and visitors on related topics such as gemology, gem standards and hallmarking.

Exhibition space filling up fast at Bangkok February 2018 show

On the other hand, DITP, through its Thai Trade Centers, will also invite distinguished speakers from various countries for example, Japan, U.S.A., China, Germany, to name but a few, to provide insightful gems and jewelry market trends.
Meanwhile, to strengthen Thai manufacturers and exporters, DITP has planned a series of extensive seminars and workshops throughout the year with a focus on jewelry product design development so that Thai entrepreneurs become well-equipped with the skills to enhance their product design and quality and to better cater to international demands.

Besides, Thailand’s New Economy Academy (NEA) will organize the Export Clinic 2018, a business consultation session with market gurus from all continents. Therefore, Thai manufacturers and exporters taking part in this show will surely gain insights from the seminars and workshops provided.Will there be an increased focus or promotion of any particular type of gemstones or technologies in manufacturing at the fair? Will there be a Ruby Forum in collaboration with the Jewelry Trade Center (JTC)?

Our plan is to expand the supporting industries zone especially machinery and tools with innovation and technologies.
DITP has been in touch with major players of the gems and jewelry industry during the CIBJO Congress to recruit more exhibitors of this section such as Italian companies.
We are also aggressively recruiting more exhibitors in the gemstones zone thanks to Thailand’s recent import duty exemption which has smoothened and quickened the customs procedures.
The highlight of the gemstones will include interesting rare stones especially natural or untreated large stones directly from gem sources.

The World Ruby Forum Exhibition organized in collaboration with the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT) and Jewelry Trade Center (JTC) was held during the 59th and 60th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fairs in order to raise awareness of rubies to the general public, as well as to promote the World Ruby Forum held concurrently with the CIBJO Congress 2017. The World Ruby Forum itself was held in Bangkok in November 2017. Therefore, there will not be such an exhibition in the 61st BGJF. However, in line with the Heritage and Craftsmanship theme, in 2018, GIT will introduce a special exhibition highlighting Local Art & Craft. Please stay tuned for more detail of GIT’s exhibition and Jewelry Contest at the 2018 Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fairs.How can the February 2018 fair help Thailand move forward to become the world’s leading gem and jewelry trading hub?

The Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair serves as one of the major marketing tools to promote Thailand’s gems and jewelry exports as well as Thailand’s position as the world’s gems and jewelry hub.
Twice a year, BGJF provides an international marketplace for potential Thai SMEs with production, design and export expertise to expand to international markets.

At the same time, they can source raw materials and technologies without having to import.
BGJF puts the Thai gem and jewelry industry in the international spotlight as we welcome approximately 20,000 visitors from 130 countries, ensuring the country’s position as a key supplier in the global supply chain.

Apart from the fair itself, there are several elements and activities conducted to propel Thailand to become the world’s leading gems and jewelry trading hub. One example is the permanent exemption of import duty of all gems and jewelry announced in 2017 by the Royal Thai Government to facilitate gems and jewelry trade, strengthen competitiveness of Thai exporters and attract foreign investors.

The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT) is also set to promote Thailand’s gemological position and academia after hosting the CIBJO Congress 2017, signifying Thailand’s important role in the gem and jewelry industry. This year, the Department of International Trade Promotion has planned a PR campaign to raise awareness of Thai gems and jewelry brand (the country’s industrial image) in the international arena. It is all stakeholders’ ultimate aim to strategically position Thailand among the world leaders in gems and jewelry (trade, manufacturing, trends, as well as academically).