Extraordinary selection of diamonds on show at ADTF


Extraordinary selection of diamonds on show at ADTF

ANTWERP, Belgium, January 27, 2014 – An extraordinary array of diamonds of various cuts, shapes and sizes was on show at Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair (ADTF), including an extremely rare 8.28 carat oval fancy intense blue diamond.
Oded Mansori of R.D.H. Diamonds showed the exquisite blue diamond to Jewellery Outlook, with an estimate of $1.4-1.5 million per carat.
Mansori said he believed that the blue diamond would ultimately go to a collector who appreciated the investment opportunity of the stone.
Extraordinary selection of diamonds on show at ADTF

Pluczenik, which offered mainly white diamonds, has increased its selection of natural colour diamonds at ADTF to reflect the increasing demand for colour stones, said Peter Martin, communication manager.
Dimexon’s star diamonds at ADTF included a 2.2 carat fancy intense green diamond, estimated at $275,000 per carat, and a 2.01 carat fancy pink diamond, also estimated at $275,000 per carat.
Rose-cuts were popular at the show, said Clemence Merat, head of jewellery at London luxury goods retailer William & Son.
Pear and marquise shapes were also in demand.
Pilar Bonson Lopez, a Spanish buyer, said she was impressed with the choice within the narrow niche of goods she was sourcing.
“I am looking for diamonds up to a carat, but mostly for smaller goods, in commercial clarities and colours,” she said.
“These goods are usually in high demand and therefore difficult to find. At this unique fair, I have a good selection of goods to choose from!”
Fei Liu, a Chinese-born jeweller based in Birmingham, but with additional retail jewellery operations in China, said he was looking for larger goods, in round, fancy shapes and also in fancy colours.
“This is a fantastic experience, to find not only a lot of goods on the floor, but also so many goods that can be compared to each other,” he said.
“I have bought lots of diamonds in my career, and Antwerp definitely is demonstrating its competitive edge with this fair and its exclusive format.”
Rafif Tarabishi, general manager of Al Masaood Jewellery in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, is a regular visitor to Antwerp.
“But this is my first time at the ADTF and the format is brilliant, as it enables me not only to meet my trusted suppliers, but also to make many more new contacts.”




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