FEATURE – Gdańsk celebrates the history of amber jewellery


By David Brough

GDANSK, Poland – Jewellery aficionados visiting Gdansk, home of amber jewellery, can enjoy an array of jewellery designs featuring the brownish yellow fossilised resin in a variety of shades, shapes and sizes to suit all tastes.

Museum of Amber in the Grand Mill

The Museum of Amber in the Grand Mill tells the history of the trade in natural Baltic amber, and amber jewellery craftsmanship, illustrating historic trade routes to Rome and beyond.

The Museum exhibits a variety of amber jewellery pieces, in all shades of colour, shapes and sizes, as well as extraordinary pieces of rare amber, and objects fashioned in amber, from clocks to boxes, binoculars, wine stoppers and combs.

amber jewellery

amber jewellery

The permanent exhibition describes the story of foraging for amber, and diving for amber from the latter part of the nineteenth century.

These days amber is best known for its application in jewellery, with many designers from Poland, Lithuania and other Baltic nations presenting their inspired designs, often set in silver, at trade events such as HOMI Fashion & Jewels in Milan.

The pretty old city in Gdańsk is packed with amber jewellery shops and galleries, offering a  delightful opportunity to get to know the heritage of this charming area of Poland

amber jewellery