Wedding ring designs, inhorgenta trade fair


Wedding ring designs, tastes changing – German jewellers

Wedding ring designs, inhorgenta trade fair
October 24, 2010 – Wedding ring designs and tastes are evolving, with warm colours and narrower, more feminine shapes becoming increasing popular, German jewellers polled by the inhorgenta trade fair said.
Gone are the times when the choice of wedding rings offered by jewellers was very limited, and all had to be round and made of gold.
In Germany, the market has evolved rapidly, and wedding rings have established themselves as a vital element of the jewellery segment.
One reason is that despite the economic crisis many couples are not willing to skimp on their wedding preparations.
Another is the increasing number of opportunities for consumers to individually create their wedding rings from an almost unlimited number of designs and materials.
Customer involvement in the design of the wedding ring is on the increase, and the borders between wedding and decorative jewellery are beginning to subside.
Formal designs are out — warm colours and spirited shapes are in.
Whether classic or modern, wedding rings symbolize partnership and vary from couple to couple.
Yet a few trends have been observed all over the industry:
“The wide ring trend has stopped. The new designs are narrower and more feminine,” says Sandro Erl, CEO of Furrer Jacot.
Overall, rings are less formal and exhibit more organic shapes.
Wedding ring designs, inhorgenta trade fair
Yet shapes are not the only innovation.
“There is a clear trend towards bi-colour designs. An increasing number of couples favour material combinations. Mostly white platinum with rose gold,” said Maximilian Dieterle, a jeweller from Regensburg.
In fact, white platinum continues to be a most popular material.
“Striking surface structures are also becoming very popular. This way we can replicate the structure of animal skin on the ring, for example a tiger skin design.”
Customers are more deeply involved in design than ever.
The magic word for wedding rings is “individualization”: manufacturers are aware of their customers’ special requests and offer web-based configuration options allowing bridal couples to generate a preliminary design on the internet.
“This helps customers to create a first impression of what they really want. The configuration options let you satisfy most of the basic questions, such as shape, colour, and material,” said Dieterle.
As a next step, the couple takes a print-out of the design to the jeweller, who will provide them with additional advice and recommendations, and assist them with the final selection.
”Young people in particular appreciate this kind of internet-based concept creation.”
Wedding ring designs, inhorgenta trade fair
The wide variety of materials and shapes available today leaves no requests unfulfilled.
There has also been a tendency towards rather extravagant designs, such as a ring made from a partner’s bone material grown from his or her DNA.
Or the creation of a synthetic diamond made from one’s lover’s hair.
Marion Knorr, ‘Wilde Ehe Ringe’ designer, said, “Personalization has become increasingly important. More couples insist on individualized rings and do not want mass-produced products.”
Her collection includes wedding rings playing with structure and shape.
Each pair of rings has its own story symbolizing the relationship.
Such innovative pieces affect the customers emotionally:
“Bridal couples want rings with an individual feel and design. Wedding rings are no longer just a ritual, they represent a lot more than that.”

The wedding ring segment continues to grow steadily.
The North American trend of wearing two rings has arrived in Germany, and the demand for engagement rings continues to grow in this country.
Wedding ring designs, inhorgenta trade fair
The next inhorgenta in 2011 will take the developments in the engagement and wedding ring segment into account by presenting a wide range of products and trend.
“The latest wedding ring trends will again be in the spotlight at inhorgenta,” said Armin Wittmann, inhorgenta Exhibition Director.
“Trade fair visitors will enjoy the best possible overview of the latest product selections.”
Thirty six exhibitors presented their wedding ring portfolio at inhorgenta 2010. So far, 33 exhibitors have registered for the 2011 show, among them renowned names such as Meister, Roland Rauschmayer, Gerstner, Furrer Jacot, Fischer Trauringe, and Niessing Manufaktur.
The most likely primary topic among the manufacturers will be the transition from wedding to decorative rings.
At this time it is already more than clear that the market for wedding rings will continue to expand considerably in the future.
inhorgenta 2011 will be held from February 25 to 28, 2011, at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre.