Fabergé Geneva boutique showcases Romanov Necklace


Fabergé Geneva boutique showcases Romanov Necklace

GENEVA, Switzerland, March 25, 2012 – The Geneva boutique of luxury jeweller Fabergé is showcasing the Romanov Necklace, a magnificent contemporary emerald and diamond collar.
This masterpiece is a regal reworking of an early Fabergé jewel, recreated and contemporised from an archival gouache design dated 1885.
Fabergé customers have been invited to view the Romanov Necklace at the elegant Geneva boutique located at Rue Pierre Fatio, 5, near the Rue du Rhone watches and jewellery shopping hub in central Geneva, Fabergé’s Alexandra Dermange told Jewellery Outlook during a visit to the shop.
“We are very lucky to have it,” Dermange said.

The necklace, striking in its timeless elegance, was conceived by Fabergé’s in-house design team in collaboration with a leading Parisian high-jewellery workshop.
The complex and challenging design process took two months, followed by 14 months of intense and meticulous hand workmanship by some of the world’s finest artisans, goldsmiths and gem-setters.
The breath-taking composition was conjured from a dramatic collection of 79 emeralds of exceptional quality, totalling 186.85 carats, featuring specially-cut sugar-loaf cabochons and a single pear-shaped drop of 30.65 carats.
The emeralds, ethical and ecologically sound, were sourced directly from Gemfields’ Zambian mines and hand selected one by one, in the rough, at auctions over a period of a year, by Fabergé’s Creative Director, Katharina Flohr, who ensured that the emeralds were perfectly matched in colour and character.

Each rough emerald was then cut to the very particular specifications of the design.
Superbly crafted in white gold, the Romanov necklace is ingeniously articulated to spread over the shoulder and neckline in a silky openwork trellis of sumptuous emeralds and white round diamonds and rose diamonds, shimmering with a soft, vintage lustre.
In all, the necklace is set with 2,225 gemstones, totalling 363.48 carats, including 1,991 round white diamonds, totalling 98.15 carats, 151 rose cut diamonds, totalling 43.29 carats, with one rose diamond of 0.67 carats and a pear-shaped rose cut of 3.48 carats.
The high drama of the Romanov necklace with its spectacular lace-like collar is complemented by a very modern versatility: the necklace has been impeccably constructed in three separate parts and can be transformed and worn in several different ways.

The stunning choker detaches from the collar, allowing the two necklaces to be worn separately, while the choker can be worn alone or with the emerald drop pendant.
“The fact that you can wear it in different ways, makes it especially interesting,” Dermange said.
The Romanov Necklace is expected to be exhibited at the Top Marques Monaco show on 19-22 April.



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