Fine jeweller Zeemou Zeng unveils his new collection – The Impressionists – translating Artwork into Jewellery


The award winning designer, Zeemou Zeng, has launched his latest fine jewellery collection – THE IMPRESSIONISTS – in time for the Christmas market. Inspired by the techniques used by the famous Impressionist artists, Zeemou’s latest pieces once again push the boundaries, incorporating vibrant, natural colour with his own special design signature – movement. 

The Impressionist artists, Monet,  Seurat, Renoir and Manet,  broke the rules with their freedom of technique, use of bright colours and bold brushstrokes, to best capture the movement and transient effect of light on their content.  Zeemou draws on their creativity,  dissecting their use of hue, light and shade to create their illusion of movement. He  cleverly selects gemstones that echo these Impressionists’ colour palettes to reflect some of the masterpieces he especially admires – Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, blue, green and yellow Chalcedony, Akoya Pearl, Red Aventurine, Peridot, Rubellite, Onyx, Amethyst, and Mother-of-Pearl.

18kt White Gold Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, blue, green and yellow Chalcedony, Akoya Pearl


Created in the spirit of Impressionism and designed as talismans, these intricately crafted pieces are a statement of confidence, hope, freedom and joy. The shapes and textures of the pieces have been crafted in white, rose and yellow gold with carefully considered geometric precision, with Zeemou then adding his own signature masterstroke, movement. As the beautiful stones shift and slide they mimic the transient movement of light, colour and texture in these chosen masterpieces.

Zeemou Zeng said: “This is probably my most testing and yet most rewarding collection to date. Pairing and matching the colours of the stones was a big challenge but I am really pleased with my translation of artwork to jewellery.’”

THE IMPRESSIONISTS collection – dangle earrings and rings – is priced from £925 to £6,000 and select pieces from the collection are available immediately, made to order.  Zeemou Zeng’s award winning MELODY and EYE Collections are now also stocked for the first time on the popular online platform,

View the full collection here:

18k yellow gold, aquamarine, amethyst, mother of__ pearl