Fireworks explode in new Carpe Diem collection by Fei Liu Fine Jewellery


A night sky filled with exploding fireworks has inspired Fei Liu’s new jewellery collection,
with necklaces, bracelets, earrings and chokers that burst into life like the most spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Award-winning designer Fei Liu has designed a versatile collection with three looks aimed
at three distinct consumer groups.

All the pieces in the collection combine high quality, vibrant purple-aqua Swarovski Zircon Pentagon Star stones with white 8 hearts and 8 arrows cubic zirconia set in shards of contrasting white rhodium plated silver and 18ct gold plated silver.

Carpe Diem, ‘seize the day’ is the name of the new collection, which is available to
order now for delivery this autumn.Fireworks explode in new Carpe Diem collection by Fei Liu Fine Jewellery

The new collection of 17 SKUs has retail prices that range from £80 to £580, while three
different looks will appeal to all age groups, from younger consumers, through to
professional women and more mature customers.

Fei Liu had younger consumers in mind when he designed the Sparkler range within the collection. These dainty pieces have white hot stars bursting out of a central flame blue zirconia.

For brides and special occasions, there is also a tiara with a crown of sparkling blue and white stones. The tiara, he says, was inspired by a portrait of Austria’s Princess Sissi, in 1865, where she is portrayed wearing a hairpiece of diamond stars.

She set the trend at the time for star-shaped fine jewellery, a trend that has never really disappeared.

“The portrait by Winterhalter, also represents young beauty and passion, which is what I wanted to express through the sparkler pieces, culminating in the tiara,” says Fei Liu.

Statement pieces in the collection include the Crossette choker necklace, which is set
with contrasting Swarovski Zirconia Pentagon Stars in vibrant red-orangey-yellow fire tones with accents of rose gold.

Named after one of the most spectacular firework displays, the Crossette choker, necklace and earrings shimmer and move like the night sky on November 5th.

These pieces, which set the CZ stones in polished silver, are designed with a modern, independent professional woman in mind.

The collection’s Flower Burst and Fountain pieces resemble the most dramatic fireworks with white zirconia radiating out from a central violet blue stone, the exact colour of a flame centre.

These designs, which incorporate superb baguette-cut CZs, are inspired by old style Hollywood glamour and are aimed at a more mature customer who likes to mix modern and vintage styles for an ageless look.Fireworks explode in new Carpe Diem collection by Fei Liu Fine Jewellery