Gem lab SGL launches diamond seal


Gem lab SGL launches diamond seal

BIRMINGHAM, England, February 2015 – Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories (SGL) has launched its tamper-proof diamond seal in the UK and guarantees a secure link between a diamond and its certificate.
SGL is a growing industry-recognised diamond grading laboratory group with labs located across India, in Britain and Dubai.
Gem lab SGL launches diamond seal
SGL is one of the first labs in the UK to provide a diamond seal. The seal was launched in February at the Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ) Trade Event in Birmingham, which gathered independent retailers from around the UK and Ireland.
The SGL-certified diamond is enclosed in a heat-sealed package with a hard plastic, crystal clear case through which one can easily see the diamond.
The case features several patented security features to ensure neither the diamond nor the information pertaining to it, is tampered with or substituted.
The sealing process takes place at SGL’s facility in the Hatton Garden diamond district in London.
“A key advantage of the seal is that it maintains the link between the certificate (report) and the stone,” said Alex Irvine, who runs the London laboratory of SGL.
“This brings a level of certainty over the provenance of the diamond: the certification number is replicated on the seal.
”The seal is an additional service available to jewellers looking to provide a link between the report and the stone.
“It is also a great way to display the stone in the shop window: the seal shows off the stone with all the pertinent information for the customer.”
Details of the clarity, carat weight and cut are shown on the front of the seal, presented in an attractive package bearing the SGL logo.
The seal is an additional service provided by SGL, which does not use laser inscriptions, and prefers to leave diamonds unmarked.
Another advantage of the seal is that it removes any risk that the diamond can be scratched by another diamond.
Diamonds that are transported loose can scratch each other. The seal prevents contact with any other stone.
“The seal protects diamonds from scratches and blemishes that can be caused by diamonds rubbing up against each other,” Alex said.
Jewellers who are interested to contact SGL about the seals can find their nearest SGL lab by visiting the or emailing [email protected]

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