GEM SHOWCASE: Teal sapphires in magnificent blue-green reflect the ocean and land


Teal sapphires are becoming increasingly popular in jewellery markets across the world, including for engagement rings, due to their exquisite and one-off beauty, says Navneet Agarwal, Marketing Manager of Navneet Gems & Minerals Limited Co., a Thailand-based gemstone manufacturer. 

What are teal sapphires? How beautiful are they?


Teal sapphire
Teal sapphire, credit: Navneet Gems


Navneet Agarwal: Teal sapphire is a unique and special variety of corundum that displays the two best colours of nature: blue and green. Blue represents the blue ocean and green represents the green of our lands. The ocean blue and the green land mixed together in one stone! They are quite the best of precious sapphires that I have ever come across.

Why are they gaining in popularity, and in which markets? Engagement rings?

Navneet Agarwal: Every market that has a blue and green sapphire buyer, will be attracted to the colour of a teal sapphire.


Teal Sapphire Australia
Teal Sapphire Australia, credit: Navneet Gems


The buyers who like unique colours of sapphire like the Padparadscha showing two colours in one stone, will be automatically attracted to the mesmerizing teal sapphire. The major markets are the USA, Singapore, Australia, France, UK, China and Japan.

How does a consumer choose a perfect teal sapphire? What type of colour, clarity and cut are the most desirable?


Teal sapphire cushion
Teal sapphire cushion, credit: Navneet Gems


Navneet Agarwal: In 2020, we see that the evergreen round shape suitable for engagement rings, due to the everlasting circle of love concept, is always popular in the engagement ring market. However, emerald cuts are the most popular these days — creating a real challenge for manufacturers like us! 

Are teal sapphires responsibly sourced? 

Navneet Agarwal: No stone can be 100% responsibly sourced. However, I would like to say that most of the Australian sapphires are becoming very popular when it comes to being responsibly sourced because of the mechanical mining that takes place in large-scale operations in Australia — and the government there being very strong about the rules and regulations the miners have to follow.



Australian Sapphire on Map
Australian Sapphire on Map, credit: Navneet Gems


Does responsible sourcing help to boost the livelihoods of artisanal miners of teal sapphires?

Navneet Agarwal: Responsible sourcing is very important in terms of the ethical requirements of consumers today.

People want to know exactly where the stone comes from.

This exquisite colour of teal sapphire helps miners establish new markets for this non-traditional, unique-colour sapphire.

Are teal sapphires more affordable than other types of sapphires?

Navneet Agarwal: Teal sapphire prices vary: some of the finest ones that are a perfect 50-50 blue-green can be more expensive than the blue sapphire because of the rarity of this colour, which is found only in a handful of stones in a seller’s stock. However, most teal sapphires are budget-friendly and certainly a good alternative to diamonds. Teal sapphires are usually much more competitive than Paraiba tourmalines or the Padparadscha.


Australian Teal Sapphire
Australian Teal Sapphire, credit: Navneet Gems