GEM SHOWCASE: Unique blue-green colour blend of Mermaid Sapphires underscores their exceptional beauty


The outstanding combination of blue, representing the ocean, and green, for forested land, makes Mermaid Sapphires an exceptionally attractive gemstone, says Navneet Agarwal, Marketing Manager of Navneet Gems & Minerals Limited Co., a Thailand-based gemstone manufacturer.  

What are Mermaid Sapphires?

 Mermaid sapphires are essentially a subset of teal sapphires that exhibit the rare ratio of a perfect 50 % blue and 50 % green. While most teal sapphires are usually of the 70/30 or 80/20 ratio, the incredible colour balance makes mermaid sapphires unique.

What is special about their colour?


Mermaid Sapphires

Be it the ever popular blue sapphire, the charming pink sapphires or the beautiful orange-pink Padparadscha sapphires, the most alluring characteristic of sapphires is their unique colour. Similarly, for mermaid sapphires, their unique colour gradient becomes their selling point. The blue is representative of the ocean while the green represents forested land. The amalgamation of such a visual creates the unique appeal of the mermaid sapphire.

Where do they come from?

Mermaid sapphires are sourced from the same place as that of teal sapphires which are Australia, Montana, Kenya and Nigeria. However, the latter two have emerged as the prominent sources in the last 2-3 years as mining in Australia has come to a temporary halt for two reasons. Firstly, there has been a shift in the market focus and secondly there is a dearth of water in Australia which is an essential commodity for mechanical mining.

Why are Mermaid Sapphires growing in popularity? Do you think they resonate more during the pandemic and if so, why?

 Something stunningly different and COMPLETELY within a budget – what’s not to love! Yes, they resonate more during the pandemic when people are looking to spend more mindfully. Weddings are becoming a more personal affair where the deeper meaning of a relationship is being explored without the frills and fancies of a conventional wedding. Thus picking up an engagement ring gemstone that is responsibly sourced, beautiful and mindfully priced sets the tone right for any relationship at the very beginning.

What types of customers are buying into Mermaid Sapphires? What impact are they having in the engagement ring market?

The primary market today for mermaid sapphires are young people. This is for two reasons. Firstly, unique colouring. The second is the price point. Compared to blue or green sapphires, mermaid sapphires are much more reasonably priced, making it possible for youngsters to invest in a larger stone on a tight budget.

Mermaid Sapphires for young people

The impact that they are having on the engagement ring market today is the disengagement from classics like royal blue sapphires or even white diamonds. This has propelled jewellers to diversify our collections and search for new material that speaks to these young, inquisitive minds that are always looking to make their own mark in a unique way.

How does a customer choose a perfect Mermaid Sapphire? What type of colour, clarity and cut are the most desirable?

As with all sapphires, mermaid sapphires also have to be evaluated for the 4 C’s of colour, cut, clarity and carat. Colour is of the most importance here as it is the unique colour ratio of 50-50 blue and green that makes them exclusive. We recommend a rich mossy blue-green combination that shows a subtle colour change in sunlight and incandescent light, without fading out or becoming opaque.

Since mermaid sapphire make up the creme de la creme of teal sapphires, they are mostly eye-clean and require a jeweller’s assistance to spot inclusions. So, clarity wise, unless a visible inclusion looks interesting to the customer, which it might since it is a subjective matter, an eye clean mermaid sapphire works.

When it comes to the cut, we recommend brilliant cuts in rounds or ovals.

Are Mermaid Sapphires responsibly sourced?

While we have not reached 100% responsible sourcing for any stone, with teal sapphires we are getting there faster than ever.

The major source of both mermaid sapphires and teal sapphires, before its discovery in other parts of the world, was in Montana USA. Due to the strict mining regulations in the USA, teal sapphires sourced from Montana were the hallmark of an ideal, ethically sourced gemstone. Today most of the mermaid sapphires come from Australia where mining is largely mechanical which means it is highly legally regulated. Each step is scrutinised closely to prevent any illegal or unscrupulous activity.

In which geographical markets are Mermaid Sapphires most popular?

Mermaid Sapphires are most popular in the United States because of the existing popularity of Montana teal sapphires. Other countries which are steadily picking up on this beauty are China, Australia, France, UK, Canada and Russia.

Are Mermaid Sapphires more affordable than other types of sapphires?

While mermaid sapphires are the top tier of teal sapphires, they are much more affordable than conventionally popular sapphires like the cornflower blue sapphire, the pink sapphire, the Padparadscha sapphires and other wholesale gemstones of a similar size and quality. However, it should be noted here that the prices have risen exponentially over the last few years as teal sapphires gained more exposure. By our estimation, this is the right time to purchase mermaid sapphires as they are affordable and are definitely going to be valued for a higher price later. 

Cornflower Blue sapphire Pink sapphires Teal sapphire Padparadscha sapphires
1 carat 400$-600$ 300$-500$ 100$-300$ 800$-1200$
2 carat 900$- 1100$ 700$-900$ 300$-500$ 2500$-3500$
3 carat 1900$-2100$ 1500$-1800$ 600$-800$ 4000$- 5000$
4 carat 2800$-3200$ 2400$-3000$ 800$-1200$ 5000$-6500$
5 carat 4800$-5200$ 4000$-5000$ 1000$-1500$ 6000$-10000$