Gembridge lists exceptional, 61-carat blue-green, emerald-cut Brazilian tourmaline


Digital coloured gemstone trading platform Gembridge has exclusively listed an extremely rare, 61.16-carat blue-green emerald-cut Brazilian tourmaline, extracted in the 1990s by a small family of miners in Minas Gerais, near Araçuai City, a longstanding tourmaline producing region.tourmaline Brazil 61.16 carat


Credit: Gembridge

The stone, which measures 30 mm by 17 mm, was purchased as rough, cut and treated by gem trading company ArtOuro & Gemas, said director Manuela Soares, Gembridge’s Brazil ambassador.tourmaline Brazil 61.16 carat

Credit: Gembridge

“This stone is unique because of its combination of size and deep colour: it is a unique blue-green colour, and is loupe clean,” Manuela said.tourmaline Brazil 61.16 carat


Credit: Gembridge

The stone is listed as #307 on the Gembridge platform:

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