Gembridge offers for sale pair of extraordinarily rare Colombian emeralds


Digital coloured gemstone trading platform Gembridge (LINK: is offering for sale a pair of magnificent “Muzo green” Colombian emeralds weighing more than 36 carats that are among the most exceptional stones mined in the South American country in recent years.

The emeralds, extracted in 2019 from the Cunas mine in the Colombian Andes, the source of some of the country’s most remarkable gemstones, have received outstanding reports from the Gübelin and GRS labs.

“These are two of the finest emeralds from the Cunas mine,” said the mine’s co-owner Edwin Molina, a fourth-generation Colombian emerald miner who is President of APRECOL, the Association of Emerald Producers of Colombia.Gembridge

Credit: Gembridge

The Gübelin lab report noted indications of minor clarity enhancement, adding that natural emeralds are commonly clarity enhanced.

The GRS report stated that the pair of emeralds had “a very rare combination of enhancement degree, very good pairing, excellent vivid green colour, excellent clarity, cut and brilliance with well-balanced proportions and symmetry.”

It added, “This vividly saturated pair of emeralds of 18.50 and 17.81 carats is reminiscent in hue of the varieties displaying the legendary colours found in the world renowned Muzo mines.

“The combination of excellent attributes that this emerald pair displays were judged to be important. The vivid green colour radiates harmoniously in tone and colour saturation.”

Guillermo Galvis, President of the Colombian Emerald Exporters’ Association and the Gembridge ambassador who worked with Molina to list the stones on the trading platform on behalf of the Cunas mine, said, “These are among the highest quality and rarest Colombian emeralds mined in at least a decade.”

Joe Menzie, a well-known New York-based gemstone dealer and a U.S. Gembridge ambassador who has inspected the stones, said: “I had heard about this pair, but when I actually saw them side by side it was incredible. To find one stone this size with purity of colour, and exceptional clarity, is very difficult. However, two of the same size, cutting style, lustre, saturation and tone, is a ‘once in a lifetime’ occurrence.

“These emeralds, from the Muzo area in Colombia, are a collector’s dream.”Gembridge

Credit: Gembridge

Gembridge Chairman Tony Brooke said of the emeralds, “Such a large pair of Colombian emeralds of this quality are indeed extremely rare, and Gembridge is honoured to be able to offer these delightful stones for sale.

“The Cunas mine is highly regarded and Gembridge looks forward to introducing further treasures from this famed resource over the coming years.”

The offer of such emeralds underscores the extraordinary quality of coloured gemstones now being listed by Gembridge.

Gembridge has opened a U.S. dollar-based escrow account with a respected leading Singaporean banking group to provide safe transactions for global buyers and sellers.

The emeralds are likely to appeal to the world’s top collectors of gemstones and jewellery.

“This beautiful pair will quite likely transform into exceptional earrings for a very lucky private collector, or find their way into one of the finest high jewellery maisons, but at such an attractive starting price, it’s going to be mostly a matter of who is quickest off the mark,” said Helen Molesworth, Gembridge’s Head of Business Development.

For price enquiries, please contact Gembridge Chairman Tony Brooke (M: +66 81 854 1755 E: [email protected])Gembridge

Credit: Gembridge

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