GemGenève November 2020 show cancelled


After careful consideration, GemGenève has decided to cancel its November 2020 show.

While saddened to take this decision, the current pandemic, travel restrictions and increased sanitary precautions make it impossible for GemGenève to be the interactive experience that we intend it to be, the organisers said.

“As with all unexpected situations, we must make use of our creativity in order to find a way to overcome these challenges. GemGenève is currently exploring various directions in order to come out stronger.” -Ronny Totah (co-founder and organiser.)

GemGenève has always given priority to the needs and wishes of exhibitors.

“In a show of understanding and solidarity, we will be reimbursing all exhibitors who have previously committed to attending the November fair. Current exhibitors will also be able to secure their attendance at the 2021 show,” GemGenève said in a statement.

“It is with this adaptability in mind that we will continue to strengthen our community of
jewellery lovers, by sharing our passion and joy in exchanging ideas in whatever way we can.

“GemGenève remains optimistic to moving forward after the pandemic, and will continue to work towards planning our 2021 show.”

GemGenève November 2020 show cancelled