Gemmologist in webinar for locked down gem aficionados outlines Brazil’s diamond history


By David Brough

March 27, 2020 – Gemmologist Rui Galopim de Carvalho, in a webinar for locked down gem aficionados, outlined Brazil’s history as a diamond origin and as a source of extremely rare red diamonds.

His well-attended webinar on March 27, an educational and entertainment highlight for gem lovers self-isolating at home, noted that, following the early exploitation of diamonds in India, Brazil was the world’s largest diamond producer until 1866.


Notable Brazilian Diamonds


Many Portuguese royal jewels feature Brazilian diamonds.

Brazil was also the origin of the 5.11-carat diamond now known as the Moussaieff Red, as well as the 0.95-carat Fancy purplish red Hancock Red.

Red diamonds are among the rarest and most prized by collectors.

Rui’s ongoing webinar schedule can be found via his Instagram and Facebook pages.