GEMSTONE NEWS – Gembridge introduces digital loupe to allow shoppers closer look at gemstones and jewellery


Digital marketplace Gembridge has introduced a loupe allowing online shoppers to get a closer look at gemstones and jewellery.

Gembridge allow shoppers closer look at gemstones & jewellery

Online shoppers can hover over an image or hold their finger on an image of a coloured gemstone or item of jewellery on their phones to activate the loupe feature.

“This is important for high value purchases such as jewellery, especially when half our customers are shopping on mobile devices with smaller screens,” says Gembridge’s Chief Experience Officer, Mark Taylor.

“Our new Loupe View gives a round-shaped zoomed view at 2x magnification on gemstone and jewellery images on Gembridge.” 

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The loupe tool is intended for anyone buying on Gembridge, designed to be easy to use regardless of their familiarity with coloured gemstones or technology.

Taylor said, “We go to great lengths to provide good quality, accurate 360° video and photography for coloured gemstones and jewellery available on Gembridge.

“The loupe tool is designed to enhance every image for potential buyers to make more informed decisions, especially when viewing on smaller screens where it might be harder for some users to see the detail of a stone or piece of jewellery.”

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