GEMSTONE SHOWCASE – Gembridge launches “Find your Perfect Pendant” campaign


Gembridge, a digital marketplace for gemstones and jewellery, has launched a “Find your Perfect Pendant” campaign, offering pendants that showcase an array of exquisite coloured gemstones.

Gembridge  Pendants

“We are promoting a diverse variety of beautiful coloured gemstone jewellery as part of our ‘find your perfect stone’ campaign on Gembridge, which includes pendants, rings and earrings from designers and jewellers around the world,” said Mark Taylor, Chief Experience Officer.

To see prices of the pendants range, visit

Collection of Tourmaline Pendants


“We invite buyers to mix and match the pendants by adding their favourites to their wishlist on Gembridge,” Mark Taylor said.

Collection of Citrine Pendants


Shipping and insurance are now free for all purchases on Gembridge, including the pendant purchases, no matter where the buyer is in the world.

Collection of Rubellite Pendants

As a general rule, pendants are among the most worn items in jewellery, because they are a straightforward way for a person to adorn her/himself with jewellery, to send a “message” or “make a statement”. They are items of jewellery that people see clearly when they are looking at each other.

Commercial Director Jean Jureidini says that trends in gemstone-set pendants can be expressed in several ways:

– birth gemstones or so-called “gemstones of the month”;

– the power of healing and different “energies” that each gemstone can emit;

– superstition: amulets worn for protection and against “evil eyes”;

– love: a heart shaped gem is a good way to remind the wearer of loved ones or of how much one is loved;

– religious symbols (eg, crosses made of calibrated gems);

– a symbol of belonging to a group (eg, fraternity groups, sororities);

– a souvenir of an important event in one’s life;

– status symbols: an expensive gemstone adorned with diamonds is a mark of distinction;

– fashion;

– ethnic: showing the origin of one’s history and traceability through time;

– pendants belonging to a certain period in history, eg “belle epoque”, “baroque “, “modern art” etc

– pendants used as seals and signatures.

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