GEMSTONE SHOWCASE – Gembridge launches Tanzanian “Mahenge” spinels collection


By David Brough

Digital marketplace Gembridge has launched a Tanzanian spinels collection, including a range of celebrated “Mahenge” spinels featuring rare and beautiful red and “hot pink” gemstones which many believe can be just as beautiful as rubies.

Tanzanian Spinels Gembridge

The supply chain of the Mahenge spinels can be traced to medium-scale and artisanal mining in the hills near the town of Mahenge in the Mahenge Mountains of Tanzania.

6.61 CT Pair Of Red Spinels USD 2,500

Miners, often working in small groups, are well equipped, using good quality digging and safety equipment as they extract these treasures from the earth. 

2.37CT Pair Of Spinels USD 620

The first stones were extracted around 15 years ago, and miners predict a steady supply from the region in coming years if prices remain attractive.

Dealers buy the spinels from registered miners or brokers at gem centres from where the stones make their way to suppliers and marketplaces like Gembridge.

The rarest and most beautiful and prized Mahenge spinels are red and “hot pink”.

Other colours of spinels, such as grey, blue and purple, which are less sought-after than the reds and pinks, can be found in the region.

Gembridge’s collection comprises a number of highlighted red and pink spinels from Mahenge.

1.00CT Pink Spinels USD 615

Gembridge’s wider Tanzanian spinels collection features spinels from other parts of the country.

Here is the link to the Gembridge Tanzanian spinels collection:

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2.02CT Pair Of Pink Spinels USD 2,215