GEMSTONE SPOTLIGHT – KGK Gems list highest grade of tanzanites on Gembridge


Jaipur-based KGK Gems have listed on trading platform Gembridge an extraordinary pair of intense blue tanzanites, totalling 26.0 carats, with the exceptional clarity only seen in the highest grade of the stones, heightening their appeal as collectors’ items.

blue tanzanites,

Credit: Gembridge

“The stones exhibit an intense blue colour and flawless clarity,” said Prashant Kothari, CEO of KGK Gems, a supplier of rare and beautiful manufactured gemstones.

“The best thing about the pair is that they are perfectly matched in terms of colour and clarity.”

Gembridge Chairman Tony Brooke believes the tanzanites would appeal strongly to collectors.

“These stones display the kind of colour intensity and clarity that catch the eye of collectors,” he said.

“Simply stunning – and an excellent price. Take a look …”

Please see the listing via this link: