GEMSTONE SPOTLIGHT – Precious Colors unveil magnificent unheated 43.50-carat yellow sapphire listed on Gembridge


By David Brough

A magnificent, cushion-shaped, unheated 43.50-carat Sri Lankan yellow sapphire, with an even saturation and pleasant golden hue throughout the stone, has been listed by Precious Colors, a unit of KGK Group, on digital coloured gemstone trading platform Gembridge.

yellow sapphire

The yellow sapphire is fresh to the market after the owners took it out of their safe where it had remained for 15 years.

Sri Lanka is a leading origin for some of the world’s finest quality sapphires.

Sapphires are known for their remarkable hardness, which make them ideal for jewellery.

“This yellow sapphire is rare due to its unique combination of size, ideal colour, and unheated nature,” said Vin Kothari, President of Precious Colors, who are offering the stone to the market via Gembridge as listing 811.

“This stone has been excellently cut and faceted, and is fairly clean for a stone of this size.”

The sapphire could be used in a piece of jewellery in many ways.

“It could be presented as a showstopper in a pendant, or could be used in a ring (as in the design in the picture),” Vin said.

yellow sapphire ring

“Alternatively, it could be used as the centrepiece in a choker or as a statement piece like a brooch.”

The sapphire would be a prized collector’s item, Vin added.

“A connoisseur of gems would be fascinated by this precious stone, and would certainly be interested to add it to their private collection.

“This stone is undoubtedly in the investment-grade category, as such unique gems are treasures: rarely seen or acquired in today’s market.”

The yellow sapphire has gemmological reports from AGL dated 2018 and Gübelin dated 2006. Approximate dimensions are 21.33 x 17.80 x 11.87 mm.

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