Gismondi unveils Genesi collection, bringing together all the elements of nature


Genesis, suggestive of creation and a force of nature, gives life a new direction and aesthetic for Gismondi 1754.

The new collection brings together all the elements of nature, the wonder of a genetic “code” that is repeated throughout nature, expressed and reinterpreted along a refined spiral with a path of white diamonds bordering each golden turn.

The first pieces in this logarithmic shape represent the helix spiral of primitive shells dating back over 500 years from the Indian ocean: the Nautilus.

Delicate white ceramic droplets are featured on both sides of the coil.

The inspiration for this collection came to Massimo Gismondi reminiscing about the Natural History Museum of Genoa that brought back childhood memories.

He was struck with intrigue about the nautilus shape within so many facets of nature, from the galaxy to the shells he collected during summers spent on the Italian coast.

Taken by the shape and its potential, his imagination began to consider the creative possibilities to interpret the idea into jewelry.

His fascination led to research and the discovery of the nautilus’s logarithmic link to the Golden Ratio, discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci. The great Pisan mathematician of the thirteenth century determined these predictable patterns and ratios present in atoms, stars in the galaxy and all throughout nature as a means to maintain balance.

Perfectly proportionate and a link between science, nature, history and mathematics, he was fascinated by the shape found in nature and the repeat of its universal equations.

“I marveled in the perfection of its shape and its power, repeated a multitude of times in nature from galaxies to petals or seeds of the sunflowers in a range of sizes and
proportions.”, said Massimo Gismondi, CEO of the brand and its Creative Director.

Genesi collection

Using an advanced 3D software program and wax casting process, he created a prototype further modified to masterful perfection worthy of the Gismondi 1754 signature.

Meant to be worn daily and not just for specialty occasions, Massimo chose ceramic because of its strength and permanency of color.

Baked at 122 degrees fahrenheit for 48 hours, it is then laser cut into its precise shape, edged in gold and applied, by hand, to each piece.

The collection has an important meaning for Massimo Gismondi also for another reason.

“I saw this sign of a rebirth and a continuation of our power to restore our balance for the future; a new genesis linked to the outcome from the period we are experiencing.”

He spent the time researching, sketching, researching, molding and casting the first
prototypes during the lockdown in Italy during the first few months of 2020.

“I am very happy with the result. It makes me feel relief, hope and optimism for our new continuum as a brand, a community and a world.”

The premiere Genesi Collection by Gismondi 1754 consists of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in rose gold and white diamonds along with pieces including white ceramic accents.Genesi collection