Global Jewellery Design Competition Launched


Global Jewellery Design Competition Launched

Qiang Wu, co-founder of Masters In Creativity International Jewellery Design Contest, explains the rules of the new international jewellery design competition to Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

Q. Masters In Creativity International Jewellery Design Contest (MIC Contest) is a contest for jewellery designers of any age and experience around the world. What is the theme of the competition, and when is the deadline for applications?

A. The theme of the MIC Contest is “Inspired by Nature”. The competition is now open and the deadline for applications is 10 December, 2017.

Global Jewellery Design Competition Launched Q. What are the entry criteria for designers – are there restrictions in terms of age or experience?

A. The competition is international and open to all, with no limits in regard to age, nationality, occupation, or level of experience.Q. Many people have not yet heard about the MIC Contest. Please tell us about the competition and the company that is behind it.

A. The MIC Contest aims to promote innovation and creativity in jewellery design. The competition has a focus on creativity and innovation in order to inspire the enthusiasm of designers and build a broad platform to show participants’ talent and potential to create value.
The MIC Contest is co-hosted by Harper’s Bazaar, Stars Cluster and DreamWorks Jewelry, which is an unprecedented cooperation between the fashion and jewellery industries. Harper’s Bazaar is a global trendsetting fashion publication, bringing huge fashion resources to the MIC Contest; Stars Cluster combines film and television entertainment, fashion stars, culture, art and other influential resources with the MIC Contest, sharing creative achievements with the jewellery industry; DreamWorks Jewelry will handle the commercialization of the MIC Contest.

Global Jewellery Design Competition Launched Q. Why are you launching the MIC Contest, which is taking place for the first time?

A. China is seeing a strengthening in consumer demand for jewellery. We have launched the competition in order to find more young talent to challenge the traditional model of the jewellery industry, and to upgrade industry creativity and help bring in a new era of jewellery consumption.

Global Jewellery Design Competition Launched
Q. Are there different categories of awards, and what are the prizes for the winners? How are the winners chosen? Is a jury of expert judges involved?

An international professional jury, acting with fairness and impartiality, will select the finalists according to designs’ originality, creativity, wearability and inspiration.
There are three categories of awards:

1. Creative Master Awards: An international jury will select six Creative Master Awards from among the pieces of jewellery that reach the final round of the competition. Every laureate will receive a prize of RMB 100,000.The six Creative Master Awards are: Most Creative; Most Innovative; Most Talented; Most Original Use of Materials; Most Trendsetting; Public Award.2. Potential Star Awards: The organizer will select six Potential Star Awards based on the market potential of the designer and their work.

3. Forty Excellent Design Awards will also be selected. Every laureate will get a prize of a special 18K gold pendant.

Q. How do designers enter the competition? Please advise how they can download application forms and from which website.
A. The designers can download the application form from the official website, then send the design work and application form to [email protected]. For detailed information, please refer to the RULES AND REGULATIONS on

Global Jewellery Design Competition Launched