Goldsmiths’ Fair reveals 40th anniversary year exhibitor list


Goldsmiths’ Fair, the UK’s leading exhibition for independent silversmiths and makers of contemporary jewellery, celebrates its 40th anniversary this autumn.

The fair takes place over two weeks with a different, curated selection of 68 exhibitors participating each week. It is an annual platform for established makers, new and graduate participants to showcase their craft to a global audience of collectors and tastemakers. Of the 134 exhibitors, 13 are new and 10 are graduate exhibitors.

Goldsmiths’ Fair

Blushed Whispering Vessel by Adi Toch, exhibitor at Goldsmiths’ Fair 2022. Image courtesy of Goldsmiths’ Fair.

The following new and graduate exhibitors will be exhibiting alongside well-known makers such as Ute Decker, Tomasz Donocik, Jo Hayes Ward and Fred Rich:

  • Aillie Anderson (graduate)
  • Alice Fry (graduate)
  • Alison Macleod (new)
  • Clio Thomas (new)
  • Corrinne Eira Evans (new)
  • Daisy Grice (graduate)
  • Eleanor Whitworth (graduate)
  • Emefa Cole (new)
  • Faye Hall (new)
  • Holly O’Hanlon (graduate)
  • Isla Gilham (graduate)
  • Josephine Gomersall (new)
  • Joys Bonfield – Colombara (new)
  • Kate Bajic (new)
  • Katherine Brunacci (new)
  • Katie Watson (graduate)
  • Kelda Young (graduate)
  • Mark Newman (graduate)
  • Megan Brown (new)
  • Sarah Brown (new)
  • Scott Smith (graduate)
  • Shakti Ellenwood (new)
  • Tamara Gomez (new)