Golecha’s Jewels brings royal inspiration to IIJW


Golecha’s Jewels brings royal inspiration to IIJW

MUMBAI, August 6, 2013 – Sumptuous pieces from Golecha’s Jewels brought royal inspiration to the catwalk on Day 3 of India International Jewellery Week (IIJW).
In their flagship collection presented on the catwalk at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, Golecha’s presented bold and luxurious pieces, studded with diamonds and colour
gemstones, bringing to mind jewels worn by Indian royalty, all handcrafted.
The designing and creativity of the pieces is looked after by Vijay-Sandeep.
Golecha’s Jewels brings royal inspiration to IIJW

He scatters the stones and draws the designs.
The best part is that he designs every piece considering himself as the buyer, and never hesitates to destroy his own creation, if after completion he finds it is not perfect.
Golecha’s business model encompasses designing and manufacturing, distribution, marketing and retailing at home and abroad.
Golecha’s have three outlets at Mumbai, Aamby Valley and Jaipur.
Golecha’s Jewels brings royal inspiration to IIJW
Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar
A huge round of applause rang round the hall as celebrated actress Shabana Azmi and her renowned husband, lyricist, poet and Bollywood scriptwriter Javed Akhtar, wrapped up the catwalk event for Golecha’s Jewels.
Earlier in the day at Jewellery Week, designer Pallavi Foley, in association with jewellers Abharan, presented the Shezmin collection, inspired by jasmine buds, which have been used over the ages to enhance the beauty and the vanity of a woman.
This white flower and its rounded bud, is not only beautiful but also has an intoxicating scent.
Originating in the foothills of the Himalayas and the Ganges plains, this flower is loved across the world.
In this unique collection the pearls are entwined and draped over each other in a three dimensional way.
The pieces create a unique interaction with the body.
Some pieces mimic real flowers.
Golecha’s Jewels brings royal inspiration to IIJW
The collection is made in 18k gold, diamonds, silver and freshwater pearls.
Every piece is intricately detailed and uniquely crafted by hand.
The clusters of pearls create the special look and make this collection perfect for avant-garde evening wear.
Jeweller Abharan’s legacy began in 1935, in Udupi. Today Abharan’s jewellery collections are much in demand for their intricate and delicate design.
Continuing their legacy and commitment to design, Abharan has associated with Pallavi Foley, one of India’s top designers, to present the Shezmin collection, which redefines the beauty of gold and sets the highest standards in the craft of jewellery making in India.


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