Gomti ‘Magic Eye’ Chakra necklace showcased at Jewelry Trade Center in Bangkok


Gomti ‘Magic Eye’ Chakra necklace showcased at Jewelry Trade Center in Bangkok

August 2018 – The Gomti ‘Magic Eye’ Chakra necklace, which symbolizes protection against evil spirits, is showcased in the Jewelry Trade Center in Bangkok in August and is available for wholesale purchase.

The jewel features a naturally formed shell-stone from a rare sea snail obtained from the Gomti River in India, and is enclosed in 18k gold-plated sterling silver and a fine yellow sapphire representing Jupiter.

Throughout history, many cultures believed that protective measures were required against the “evil eye”, which was seen as a curse cast by a malevolent glare. The Gomti Chakra can symbolize good health, wealth and success for the wearer, says designer Richard S. Brown, director of Astral Gemstone Talismans (AGT), who created the piece.

Gomti ‘Magic Eye’ Chakra necklace

“An auspicious magic eye symbolizes an antidote to evil, ” he said. AGT decided to create pieces of jewelry in sterling silver and 18k gold trim that are considered both ‘auspicious and affordable’ to the general public, Brown added.

The Gomti “Magic Eye” harks back to ancient cultures yet at the same time showcases a modern, fashion forward twist on the classic eye amulet. The Jewelry Trade Center hopes to showcase more jewelry with a distinctive style. Director of Special Projects, Isabella Yan says: “I have never seen Gomti shell jewelry like this before, especially not of such quality and craftmanship.

“JTC are delighted to present the Gomti Magic Eye Chakra: it is a special product laden with auspicious meaning and tradition.” AGT invites you to acquire these treasures for the low wholesale price of less than US$67.00. The Jewelry Trade Centre will offer free shipping on any wholesale orders that are over US$67.00 (minimum 12 sets).

For orders exceeding 200 sets, brochures can include your store’s contact details: not AGT’s™.

The Gomti Magic Eye Chakra and additional products by AGT can also be purchased at affordable retail prices on www.Gemwow.com