Graff Diamonds to exhibit at La Biennale


Graff Diamonds to exhibit at La Biennale

June 15, 2014 – Graff Diamonds has confirmed its presence at this year’s La Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris (September 11-21, 2014, Grand Palais.)
Graff Diamonds to exhibit at La Biennale

Graff exhibited at La Biennale previously in 2000, which coincided with the opening of its first store outside the United Kingdom at Hotel de Paris in Monaco – followed by a further presence in 2002.
Testimony to its sustained international growth, there are now over 45 Graff stores located across the UK and Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.
Each jewellery piece exhibited at La Biennale will reflect Graff’s global reputation for the most fabulous jewels in the world, unique creations featuring extremely rare diamonds and gemstones.
At Graff’s atelier in London, its highly-skilled Master Craftsmen create exquisite stone-led jewels with presence, proportion and balance.
Graff Diamonds to exhibit at La Biennale
This ethos is epitomised by a dramatic necklace depicting the beauty of nature in gemstone form, with richly coloured clusters of sapphire beads entwined with pavé diamond leaves and stems.
A pair of accompanying earrings feature a single emerald cut sapphire surrounded by three delicate pavé diamond leaves and sapphire beads.
Incorporating the very finest gemstones a further jewellery piece, an emerald and briolette beaded tassel, showcases Graff’s expertise in sourcing, cutting and setting.
The tassel pours from an intricate central element, set with a visually arresting cushion cut emerald.
A pair of earrings perfectly complement the necklace, highlighting the dynamism and femininity of the piece.
Francois Graff, Chief Executive Officer of Graff Diamonds, said: “La Biennale brings together the finest luxury brands of the very highest calibre – and we are delighted to be involved in 2014 as we continue the expansion of the Graff Diamonds brand globally.
“We participate in selected prestigious international exhibitions, showcasing an extraordinary selection of our very finest jewels and rare diamonds that would not usually be brought together in one location.
“As a vertically integrated business, we are highly unique in that we are involved in every stage of the jewellery making process, from the sourcing of the rough stone, through to the cutting, polishing and final setting of each exquisite jewel.”
He continued: “The pieces which are anticipated to be on display at La Biennale reflect this expertise.”
Located at S.B 4 within a beautiful 71 sq metre space, Graff Diamonds’ stand incorporates a striking selection of luxurious design elements.
Carefully curated by Graff’s Monaco-based interior design team, features include boldly striped marble floors, walnut wall panelling and bronze showcases, plus a visually arresting gold engraved glass wall which forms the centrepiece of the stand.
Every design detail is bespoke, incorporating the finest materials available.


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