Graff unveils a 105.07 carat D Flawless pear shape diamond


Graff unveils a 105.07 carat D Flawless pear shape diamond

June 2016 – Graff Diamonds has unveiled the Graff Vendôme, a magnificent 105.07 carat D Flawless pear shape diamond — named in celebration of its new store on prestigious Place Vendôme, in Paris.
Graff unveils a 105.07 carat D Flawless pear shape diamond

No one knows when a diamond of exceptional size will be revealed by Mother Nature so it was an exciting moment when a discovery in the Kingdom of Lesotho revealed a 314 carat rough, named The Destiny.
Graff is uniquely positioned to acquire the largest diamonds in the rough, using its expertise and skills, honed over many decades to carry out the hazardous process of unleashing the true potential of each diamond in its care.
To begin, the natural internal flaws of the stone and its proportions were intricately mapped by a specialised computer programme creating a precise 3D digital image of the rough.
In their quest for perfection, Graff’s senior gemmologists analysed the best cuts the rough could yield and it was at this moment that the presence of an exceptional stone hidden deep within the rough began to appear.
Graff unveils a 105.07 carat D Flawless pear shape diamond

Once in the hands of Graff’s master cutters, the process took many months to execute and required the skills of a very select team, who applied their highly guarded secrets learnt over many years — and their natural instinct for proportion and symmetry.
The rough was initially cut using lasers and then polished by hand, employing the senses, heart and courage needed to yield a staggering 105.07 carat D Flawless pear shape diamond, the largest cut and polished diamond of its kind in Graff’s history.
Surrounded by a further 12 satellite stones — with the largest comprising 17.10 carats and nine showing D Flawless quality — the natural fire, brilliance and energy they radiate is enticing.
Located next to the Ritz Paris, Graff’s new boutique is an integral part of one of the most famous destinations in the world — home to many of the city’s most venerable jewellery houses.
Graff unveils a 105.07 carat D Flawless pear shape diamond

PureJewels, leading retailer in the Green Street jewellery quarter of east London, official headline sponsor, Asian Wedding Exhibition, Jayant Raniga, Brand Manager

Designed by renowned architect Peter Marino, the store has a design aesthetic unique to Paris encompassing the finest bespoke fixtures, fittings and custom designed furnishings.
The colour palette is feminine and verdant, from French limestone and grey dival damier floors creating a terrace effect, to floor-to-ceiling arched mirrors drawing in light and reflecting the green hues of the interior.
Highly polished Zebrano wood display desks with a light gold detailed surround and legs provide an intimate and sumptuous viewing experience for Graff clients, to experience exemplary craftsmanship, distinctive design and exquisite jewels.