HRD Antwerp appoints Serge Couvreur as general manager


HRD Antwerp appoints Serge Couvreur as general manager

Antwerp, March 24, 2013 – The board of directors of HRD Antwerp has appointed Serge Couvreur as general manager of HRD Antwerp.  He will succeed Georges Brys.
Serge Couvreur will take up his new position as General Manager of HRD Antwerp on March 25.
In the past 25 years Serge Couvreur has acquired an in depth knowledge in fast moving consumer goods and the retail industry.
HRD Antwerp appoints Serge Couvreur as general manager

With this knowledge he will put primary focus on communicating the unique competences of HRD Antwerp.
Mr Couvreur studied at HEC (Haute Etudes Commerciales) and holds a degree in Commercial Management & Marketing.
“I understand the fundamentals of HRD Antwerp and it is my ambition to further build on its core values – technology, objectivity and ethics – both on a national and international level”, said Serge Couvreur.
During his six years in office, Georges Brys developed HRD Antwerp as a leader in technology and reinforced its international presence.
Under his leadership, HRD Antwerp opened a diamond grading laboratory in Mumbai, a jewellery laboratory in Turkey and several drop-off services worldwide.
Mr Brys launched cooperation programmes with Chinese partners and reached key agreements in the fields of research, diamond technology, training and equipment.


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