Human touch to be a key theme at VicenzaOro September


A key theme of Vicenzaoro September (VOS) 2020, to be held from 5th to 9th September at Vicenza Expo Centre, will be the human touch: creativity and craftsmanship, the human side.

The show will also focus on ethical and sustainable industry, training for human resources and talents, “Italian know-how”, “Italian style” amidst a comprehensive networking between the most authoritative players in the gold and jewellery world.

Human touch to be a key theme at VicenzaOro SeptemberIvana Ciabatti, President of Confindustria Federorafi, says: “If the indications are confirmed, VOS 2020 will take place in a period where Italy and other countries – China first and foremost – will have already re-started (after the coronavirus outbreak) and, therefore, an international event like Vicenzaoro, will certify the renewed desire and ability of Italy and Made in Italy jewellery to continue to amaze and inspire the dreams of consumers all over the world.”

Arduino Zappaterra, the national spokesman for Orafi CAN, said: “We need to re-start as soon as possible. We must do the right things and we must do them together. I am convinced that we have the power, capacity and will to do it.”

Luca Parrini, President of Orafi Confartigianato, continues in much the same way: “I am sure that companies are already doing their utmost to be ready, as soon as the market sets off again, to meet customers, and, as is typical of Italians, shake them by the hand. We miss this part of humanity that we sell together with our products. We create customer loyalty with our products but also with human relations.”

For Vincenzo Aucella, President of Assocoral: “The hope is that Vicenzaoro will set the tone of a new cycle. Looking towards September, I hope that this moment of stand-by will serve to analyse and plan a revival with new projects and new ideas. And that our Show will be the first launching pad towards recovery.”

Due to the success it met with last January, the September edition of Vicenzaoro will see the return of VO Vintage.

Open to a public of enthusiasts, the event also offers the chance to buy on-site and features top-of-the-range watches and an ever-increasing interconnection between the two sides of the same passion: vintage and contemporary.

A growing and exclusive world event for meeting the greatest dealers specialized in vintage watches and the most important collectors in the Vicenza “lounge”.

The institutions and “premium” independent brands, the most authoritative organizations in the sector, such as the FHH Academy (Fondation Haute Horlogerie), AHCI (Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants), as well as the most popular and trustworthy media, such as L’Orologio and Revolution, will all be in attendance.

Space will also be given to meetings with the community of Bruno Bergamaschi’s Orologi e Passioni forum and four new high-range brands hosted in the new VO Vintage Privé area.

“It is stimulating,” explains VO Vintage advisor, Michele Mengoli, “to be the only event in the world at this level able to unite the very best of vintage and contemporary watches as well as the most authoritative organs and most prestigious independent brands, making VO Vintage a privileged meeting point for the community of high-range watch lovers at the most inclusive aggregation of all its various souls.”

Vicenzaoro September offers an articulate exhibition layout subdivided into 6 districts: ICON for Luxury Brands, which also hosts The Design Room featuring 12 high-jewellery designers from all over the world; LOOK with its “fashion” offer for malls, department stores and contemporary and cosmopolitan concept stores, which also includes three special projects, namely The Watch Room (12 contemporary watch brands), The Glamroom (jewellery artisans), The Fashion Room (fashion jewellery made of non-precious materials); CREATION with companies specializing in producing the finest quality gold and jewellery items specifically for traditional stores, chain stores and wholesalers; EXPRESSION for luxury packaging for the jewellery sector aimed principally at retailers and producers; ESSENCE dedicated to an infinite variety, in terms of type and origin, of gems and diamonds. Lastly, EVOLUTION, the technological heart of the Show represented at last September’s edition by T.EVOLUTION with companies that specialize in designing, producing and selling small machinery and tools for the jewellery sector in collaboration with AFEMO, with President Gianluigi Barettoni and partner in the T.EVOLUTION project.

Events at VOS 2020 will include VISIO.NEXT: SUMMIT, TRENDVISION TALK which will focus on trends with the presentation of Trendbook 2022+, an Open Innovation Event entirely dedicated to technology, innovation and new enterprises in collaboration with StartupBootcamp; on the same topic, START UP & CARATS will be back connecting the players along the jewellery supply chain with the most dynamic Start-ups and SMEs; DIGITAL TALKS and GEM TALKS on digital innovation for jewellery and watch retailers and the world of stones.

“Jewellers,” explains Steven Tranquilli, Manager of Federpreziosi Confcommercio “see VOS as a starting point for a fundamental exchange with traders where they can begin to speak of jewellery again and return to normality. An extremely long marathon is awaiting us, training is essential for achieving further goals and I am convinced that, all together, we will get there A highlight of VOS 2020 events will be the appointment with CIBJO, The World Jewellery Confederation, which has partnered Vicenzaoro for more than 10 years and worked alongside IEG to promote sustainability and ethics in the jewellery industry.

Human touch to be a key theme at VicenzaOro September


And it is the CIBJO President himself, Gaetano Cavalieri, who concludes with auspicious wishes for VOS 2020: “I will be delighted to welcome a positive moment in the reprisal of production and I hope to see you all again at Vicenza.”