IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands


IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands

LONDON, August 24, 2016 – The exclusive Designer Brands showcase at IJL 2016 will feature a record number of 17 designers within an expanded area of the show, displaying both Silver and Fine Jewellery.

IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands Elite designers from the UK, alongside those from Sweden, Australia and Brazil, will present the very best in fine and contemporary jewellery with the launch of exciting new collections, as well as acclaimed signature pieces – thereby highlighting IJL’s premier position as the only UK industry show with the biggest and most eclectic selection of UK and International fine jewellery brands and designers.

Sam Willoughby, IJL Event Director, comments: “This year’s Designer Brands showcase is a wonderful celebration of the best in creative flair and innovative talent. A truly international portfolio which we are especially proud of. Inspiringly beautiful pieces, from both new and established designers drawn from around the world, are guaranteed to excite buyers from every sector.”

The Designer Brands at this year‘s IJL are:

Sarah Ho
Sarah Ho London will be launching new designs for her award-winning Numerati Collection, which has caught the imagination of customers worldwide, especially in cultures where numbers have a significant meaning and are considered auspicious.  Numerati captures the number as a hidden secret known only to the wearer and the new diamond version cleverly uses the shapes of different diamond cuts to enhance the numbers in an eye-catching way.

IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands The silver version for the rings has been designed to appeal to both men and women and the concept has been also translated into pendants and cuffs.  Sarah will also be unveiling new stunning ‘high jewellery’ designs which received considerable praise from customers and press alike during a recent tour of Asia. Some of these beautiful pieces will be on display at IJL 2016. Each of the designs represents a new chapter in Sarah’s multi-facetted life and takes the brand to a new level in celebration of her 10th anniversary.

“We are really looking forward to IJL and are confident that 2016 will be a good year for us. The show is a focus for launching new products and this year we have a number of new designs on display. It gives us the opportunity to meet both existing and potential new clients,” says Sarah Ho.

Linda Macdonald Jewellery
Introducing ‘Moondance’ for Autumn/Winter 2016, this statement piece is made in silver with solid 9ct gold detail and is designed to mark the brand’s 20th anniversary in 2016. This very special pendant celebrates all the evocative romantic imagery featured in many of her designs that are well recognised and collected all over the UK.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands Linda states: “London Olympia is the perfect location to showcase our products to a wide variety of existing and potential customers both from the UK and export markets.”

Alex Monroe
Showcasing their ‘Bon Voyage’ collection at IJL, this represents a fond look back to the Golden Age of travel, whisking the wearer off around the world, starting from Alex’s home county in Suffolk. His inspiration varies from the Orient Express to Tin Tin, although it was an antique charm bracelet belonging to a friend that really sparked his imagination. Wishing to re-ignite the tradition of collecting charms as unique souvenirs from places visited, to be added to and passed down to future generations, this collection evokes travel by Hot Air Balloon, Seaplane, or maybe even by Camel – and collecting tickets and luggage labels along the way. ‘Bon Voyage’ is available in Silver, Yellow Gold Vermeil, Rose Gold Vermeil and Mixed Metal Finishes and will be available in stores from September 2016.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands “IJL is where we will also be previewing the new additions to our fine jewellery line, ‘Goldcrest’. It is the only UK trade event where we will be unveiling the range. Exclusive to the show, the new, ‘Goldcrest’ story will be under embargo until the event, but I can reveal that it is a very pretty, extremely feminine collection, offering a new direction for us – whilst still being signature. After our return to IJL in 2015, we found that the show formed a great point in the season for us to launch a new bridal range. IJL provides a fantastic platform for us to preview all of our collections to the UK industry and take orders for the Christmas season,” says Emma Burgin, Chief Operating Officer Alex Monroe

Lucy Quartermaine
Lucy Quartermaine’s new ‘Icicle’ Collection will be launching at IJL 2016. Featuring stunningly simple, but chic designs, inspired by the extraordinary large icicles Lucy saw on a recent holiday, Lucy has created a range of solid Sterling Silver Jewellery that is tactile, organic and fluid in its shape, and which works well for both an eye-catching day and night?time look.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands Lucy comments: “With my new Icicle collection, I’ve revisited my original influences of water and organic forms.  I was particularly inspired by the huge icicles, hanging from the eaves and windows, I saw on holiday last winter. IJL is the ideal event to launch new collections and pieces, as there are so many high calibre exhibitors and retail buyers in attendance.  It’s the ‘must-attend’ trade show for the Lucy Quartermaine brand.”

Astley Clarke
Debuting at IJL this year, Astley Clarke – the British fine jewellery brand established by Bec Astley Clarke, MBE – will be unveiling their latest collections, all designed in their London Studio. These include Interstellar in both diamonds and sapphires, Setting Sun and Biography stud earrings, with the emphasis this season on the use of more coloured gemstones, mismatched earrings and layered necklaces. Astley Clarke’s approach is relaxed luxury, created to inspire the modern, intelligent woman to wear fashion fine jewellery every day.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands Bec Astley Clarke, MBE, Founder and Chairman, says: “As our UK and International wholesale channel continues to grow, we are thrilled to be able to showcase our collections to a wide audience of some of the most prestigious global jewellery retailers and IJL offers a great platform on which to do so.”

Rachel Galley
Rachel will be launching her new ‘Misto’ collection at IJL. Made in amethyst or topaz, with graduating colours of these lovely gemstones set into silver, the design features a hint of her signature latticework.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands “IJL has always been a really good show for me. The event is at the right time of year, and now at Olympia it provides a really bright and airy creative environment. I am looking forward to seeing my customers and showing them the many new lines we are launching,” states Rachel.

Collette Waudby
With a 20-year history of exhibiting at IJL, the show is the highlight of Collette’s calendar. Unveiling her new collections at the event, this award-winning  British artisan designer of beautiful contemporary jewellery, created in the heart of Birmingham’s historic jewellery quarter, is inspired by a fusion of nature, history and travel, combined with the technical exploration of archaic metal forging and forming techniques. 2016 will see new items and refinement across all of her four collections along with a new collection that is the result of a botanical sketches of the Phormium plant.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands

Collette comments: “Since my first IJL 20 years ago I have seen it as the perfect place to launch all new work. It attracts the perfect customer for me. I am still working with some I met back in 1996!”

Rose Carvalho
Rose Carvalho from Brazil is making her European debut at IJL 2016 with the launch of a new collection featuring precious Brazilian gemstones and gold, intricately carved as magnifying lenses with diamonds inside to capture the light and create an unusual perception of visual proportion.

IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands

Rose’s hand-crafted creations are inspired by the studies of Carl Jung, using archetypal images in the forms of Mandalas and the Universe. Her jewellery reflects an outstanding artistic personality, striving for perfection with particular attention given to finish.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands “To be part of IJL in London is a great honour and a unique opportunity to present my work. I hope everyone will like my new collection and I will do good business. It’s very inspiring to open a new market – and it’s a challenge I can´t afford to miss!” says Rose Carvalho.

V Jewellery
V Jewellery will be showcasing their colourful best-selling Spring/Summer 2016 collection, featuring rose and yellow gold plating, with an array of vibrant stones, in the Designer Brands area for the first time. They will also be launching their highly anticipated Eastern inspired collection, providing an exclusive preview of their Christmas offering. An exciting new venture for V, the Autumn/Winter range available from this September, is a hybrid of fine and silver jewellery, featuring white sapphires and yellow gold plating, in conjunction with CZ and a sterling silver foundation.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands Laura Vann comments: “: “We’re very excited to be in the Designer Brands area at IJL 2016 and I think retailers and the press alike who have been monitoring our progress, will see how V has continued to go from strength to strength – living up to our UK Jewellery Award winning status of the ‘Brand to Watch’! The great thing about IJL is the mix of both brands and buyers that attend. The versatility of retailers who come to the show provides us with a wonderful opportunity to explore a multitude of avenues across the UK and beyond. And thanks to our success with the likes of Fortnum & Mason and Fenwick, we will be looking to expand sales with other department stores, as well as independent jewellers.”

Alexis Dove
Celebrating her company’s 10th anniversary this year, British jeweller Alexis Dove is launching her new English Rose Collection, reflecting her love of nature, at IJL 2016. Inspired by her best-selling debut collection, Wild Rose, the delicate and feminine new collection is crafted from sterling silver and yellow and rose gold vermeil, depicting the variety of shapes and colours of the iconic British rose. It is designed to mix and match with floaty summer dresses or crisp white shirts for summer perfection. Equally, the Rose Leaf branch necklace with the delicate Rose Bud pendant, can be paired for a chic and on-trend layered necklace ‘look’, with the Rose Leaf drop earrings creating a beautiful silhouette as they fall from the ear.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands Alexis says: “IJL is a must-attend show for us as the quality of visiting retailers is always high and you get so many relevant buyers there. For me IJL is not to be missed, and I am looking forward to launching my 10th anniversary English Rose collection to the industry at this year’s show.”

Sheila Fleet Jewellery
Sheila Fleet, OBE, is one of Scotland’s leading designer-makers of precious jewellery, with an international following. Her distinctive jewellery renowned for its vibrant enamel colours and fine hand finish, is designed and created in the Orkney Islands, off the north coast of Scotland. Sheila will be launching two new contemporary collections this year in sterling silver and enamel – Lunar and Brodgar Eye. Both are based on ancient stone carvings, possibly made at full moon 5000 years ago at the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney, using reticulation to recreate the peck-marks in rough rock with Sheila’s newly-developed enamel colours reflecting rainwater gathering in the carvings.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands “We have been at IJL now for over 20 years! It’s an important date in the calendar for us and one we use to launch our new collections prior to Christmas. Based at the far north of the UK in Orkney, it’s not always possible for us to visit our clients, so we welcome IJL as an excellent opportunity to meet our buyers, both existing customers and new. The Show is really ideally placed to bring buyers and suppliers together and we look forward to attending each year,” adds Martin Fleet, Managing Director of Sheila Fleet Jewellery.

Sarah Jordan
Sarah Jordan is a multi-award winning designer now in her 29th year of business. Her design style has evolved into one of the most identifiable jewellery signatures in the UK. Inspired by nature, the jewellery is modern, desirable and the essence of subtle designer luxury. Sarah’s talent gives a clarity and definition to all her collections which include bridal, daywear, cocktail, bespoke and men’s jewellery. Sarah has recently embarked on several successful collaborations and this year, together with British Manufacturer Hockley Mint, won the coveted 2016 UKJA Bridal Collection of the year. At IJL 2016 Sarah is launching ‘Cirrus’, a collection of delicate shapes and swirling tendrils that curl around to make beautiful sweeping shapes. Made in Silver and 18ct gold, with diamonds used at key points to emphasise the sculptural aspects of the design, the Cirrus Collection comprises Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets, Bangles and Rings.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands Sarah Jordan states: “Being part of the Designer Brands is so important, as together we are a like-minded creative group. IJL’s Designer Brands area provides the right atmosphere and ambience to showcase our new collections to customers in a relaxed and stylish environment.”

Dower & Hall
British jewellery design duo, Dower and Hall, this year celebrate over 25 years in business and leading the way in creating exceptional hand-crafted fine jewellery. New collections to be launched at IJL include their stunning Wild Rose Collection in sterling silver.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands Nicola West, Wholesale Coordinator, comments: “From valuable recognition and exposure, increasing brand awareness and highlighting new collections, exhibiting at IJL for over 20 years has always been valuable to Dower & Hall.”

Fei Liu
UKJA Designer of the Year 2016, Fei Liu will be showcasing three collections at IJL. Fine jewellery at an accessible price, Shooting Star, the new silver range, is inspired by the movement of the shooting star in the atmosphere and plays with yin yang, and cool and warm tones – with two colour combinations of topaz/rhodium and citrine/yellow gold vermeil. The very successful Snowdrop collection will introduce new dazzling pieces in rose gold, whilst the Snowflake collection will not only feature new pieces but also attractive hair accessories.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands “Being part of IJL is always a fantastic experience. As a brand, we are always looking to expand and build relationships, as well as forecast the future of the jewellery industry. Knowing the reaction of the audience is important and can help dictate the next path for the brand. This is evident in our recent collections, Snowflake and Snowdrop, where we have kept to our fine jewellery roots but with a more accessible price point,” says Fei Liu.

Andrew Geoghegan
Time nestled away in his South of France design studio has certainly inspired Andrew Geoghegan, and Autumn/Winter 2016 sees the launch of a number of new elegant pieces. As expected, each new piece is perfectly considered and balanced, with seemingly contrasting elements to create miniature masterpieces.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands There are four key ranges: The Chapiteau collection, which in keeping with the current trend for jewellery with strong geometric form, the hexagon takes centre stage in a dynamic collection, featuring a decadent and impactful cocktail ring, as well as commanding engagement and wedding rings; the long awaited, delicate Cannelé Bracelet addition to the brand’s best-selling  collection – featuring the signature Cannelé fluting on the setting and within other elements of the piece – and available in an all diamond version or a choice of other beautiful stones, including chocolate diamonds, rubies and sapphires; the diamond-set Clair de Lune Earrings which reflect the lunar crescent theme and are a natural addition to the collection, following the successful launch of the Clair de Lune bridal rings in February, and, last, but not least, the Clair de Lune Couleur range, displaying a rainbow of luminosity with sapphires with aquamarine, rubies with pink sapphires and chocolate and yellow diamonds with orange sapphires.

“IJL is the only industry show platform in the UK for the AG brand. The attendance of almost all UK retailers is the main reason and the promise of an increase in international retailers is a further string to its bow!” adds Andrew Geoghegan.

Grew & Co
Established in 2006, Grew & Co is an Australian family business designing and crafting all their work in their Sydney studio. As well as working with non-traditional jewellery materials, the company specialises in the ancient Japanese technique of Mokume Gane – a decorative layering of coloured precious metal resembling wood grain. Every stage of production is carried out in house with an emphasis on quality, execution and customer satisfaction as the key cornerstones of the business. New to the UK and IJL, the focus at the show will be on their beautiful collection of wedding bands, reflecting warm colour tones and earthly-textured surfaces, combining richly coloured golds with the dramatic and dark shade of tantalum.
IJL 2016 showcases a record number of award winning Designer Brands

Gabrielle Grew states: “Our aim is to bring finely crafted Australian-made product to the UK and Europe, offering fresh design and material alternatives to the bridal and wedding ring market.”

Lola Rose
Designed by Nicola Gewirtz, Lola Rose is one of the most stylish and successful jewellery brands in the UK. Specialising in bold, colourful statement jewellery, hand-crafted using beautiful semi-precious stones, collections include glamorous beaded and stone necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings for the fashion conscious woman.

For further information, please go to: Designer Brands Exhibitors [email protected]

Free online visitor registration for IJL 2016 is open – www.jewellerylondon.com/register. Register in advance online for the chance to win either an exclusive Champneys Pamper Spa Day for two or an Aston Martin Thrill Day at a famous motor race circuit. JL 2016 will run from 4 to 6 September 2016 at Olympia GRAND, London. Tickets at the door will be charged at £25 each.