iKuria showcases new Laika ranges at Jewellery Show London


iKuria showcases new Laika ranges at Jewellery Show London

LONDON, June 17, 2013 – Emerging fine jewellery brand and UK Jewellery Awards finalist iKuria announced the addition of the new white and supernova ranges to the 2013 Laika collection at Jewellery Week.
iKuria showcases new Laika ranges at Jewellery Show London

The white Laika range features white freshwater pearls, yellow and orange sapphires and tsavorite.

The supernova range introduces aquamarine crystals, iKuria’s first use of roughly polished stones, along with diamonds. Both ranges are set with 18 karat yellow gold.The focus of the Laika collection is to add movement to fine jewellery and rehabilitate pearls with iKuria’s signature playful twist.
These pieces were launched at Treasure and The Jewellery Show London, which took place at the iconic Somerset House during Jewellery Week last week.
“Due to the natural state of aquamarine crystals, each supernova piece is unique,” said Ikuko Kurahone, designer and director of iKuria.

“This will lead to iKuria’s future beyond Laika: I plan to start expanding one-of-a-kind ranges.”
The Laika collection was initially launched in February 2013, with its first range featuring rare grey Japanese Akoya pearls.The design was inspired by science and the story of Laika, a little dog which became involved with human space flight.
Laika was a stray dog found in the streets of Moscow. She was trained and launched in the Sputnik 2 in 1957 as the first animal to orbit the earth.
The new Laika ranges will soon be available from stockists in the UK, online and in Japan, and at iKuria’s online boutique www.ikuria.com


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