Imaginarium offers cutting-edge technologies to jewellery designers


Imaginarium gave a webinar, entitled “Imaginarium: New Manufacturing Solutions for Jewellery Designers”.Tanmay Shah, a member of Imaginarium’s Leadership Team, was in conversation with award-winning India-based influencer and journalist Preeta Agarwal.

Imaginarium offers cutting-edge technologies to jewellery designers


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Mumbai-based Imaginarium offers a host of state-of-the-art jewellery manufacturing solutions to creative directors, Tanmay Shah tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

How can a jewellery designer work with Imaginarium? 

– At Imaginarium, we love to work with creatives and designers no matter what stage of their product development journey they are at.Our entire suite of services covers everything from concept development, product design, CAD, advanced digital visualisation, prototyping, sample line creation, metal casting, plating, finishing, stone setting, enamel and even new material development.We work with gold, silver, brass, bronze and copper in a variety of surface finishes and platings.A jewellery designer / designpreneur may choose to reach out to us for any or all of these services through any of the following channels:

  1. Learn more about our services and work here:

2. Write to us with your project details on [email protected]

3. Create your account on and upload your CAD files to instantly visualise and get a quote for any material (includes precious and non-precious metals).

It’s the easiest way to start sampling and producing that collection you’ve been waiting to launch.The best part – there are no minimum order quantities! We promise the best quality and prices no matter what quantity you’d like to order.On-demand manufacturing means that you can now go completely inventory-less and offer customisation to your clients at no added cost.


Can you give a few examples of the main new manufacturing technologies that you can make available to the jewellery industry?

– Imaginarium aims to make the perfect blend of technology-driven advanced manufacturing and human craftsmanship available to anyone who wishes to bring their creative ideas to the market. Our state-of-the-art production facility in Mumbai, India, houses over 20 different 3D Printers that deliver over 2,000 unique pieces of jewellery in wax / resin / plastic every day.These prototypes then go through the process of lost-wax casting (also known as investment casting) to be transformed into solid metal pieces in gold, silver, brass, bronze or copper. These pieces then go through a number of manual and automatic processes to be finished to the right surface texture as desired by the designer, and then plated in coloured gold or rhodium.If the designs require special diamonds, gemstones, enamelling or resin to be poured in, they pass through the hands of specialist craftsmen who complete each piece with utmost care and attention to detail.

Starting this year, we plan to start offering direct metal 3D printing in gold and silver — allowing designers across the world access to the cutting- edge technologies that are changing the way jewellery is produced. Additionally, our team of manufacturing experts can help you choose the right machines, materials and software if you plan to set up a workshop of your own.


Do your facilities offer high security for jewellery clients?

Imaginarium’s 10+ years of manufacturing excellence rest on a foundation of ensuring absolute safety and security to the valuable IP and resources of our clients.Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation, we have multiple layers of digital security to ensure no client designs are accessible by anyone other than the production teams – even our online factory ( uses high level data encryption to protect your CAD files.In addition, the most stringent standards for quality require us to have a fully controlled work environment for precious metal handling and processing, covering every aspect of the production process. We only use certified, ethically sourced materials including metals and diamonds. We invite any designer who happens to be in Mumbai for an informative walk through of the facility — our clients never fail to tell us how fascinated they are when they come to our futuristic factory.


How quickly can you respond to client requests?

– We reply to enquiries from all parts of the world within 24 hours of receiving them on [email protected]. For those designers who have a ready-to-manufacture CAD design, the entire process of ordering, payment and tracking is instantaneous and automatic through our online portal –

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