Indian House Nirav Modi dazzles at Biennale des Antiquaires


Indian House Nirav Modi dazzles at Biennale des Antiquaires

By David Brough

PARIS, September 2016 – Masterpieces from India’s Nirav Modi stole the show at the Biennale des Antiquaires, showcasing extraordinary design inspiration and unusual diamond cuts.

Exhibiting for the first time at the Biennale, which was held at the Grand Palais from September 10 to 18, Nirav Modi created an array of succulent pieces inspired by themes as varied as India’s former ruling dynasties, and Impressionist water lilly paintings.
Indian House Nirav Modi dazzles at Biennale des Antiquaires

Mumbai-based Nirav Modi’s inspirations in jewellery making subtly intertwine a wide range of influences and artistic references.

He has created three unique cuts of diamonds: the Endless, Ainra, and Mughal cuts. Nirav Modi pieces only use top quality, GIA-certified diamonds.
Indian House Nirav Modi dazzles at Biennale des Antiquaires

The House brings a contemporary twist to dazzling historic splendour.

The Emerald Maharani Necklace channels the spirit of the opulent maharajah necklaces worn by Indian royals in the 19th and early 20th century.

The necklace combines graduated, rare, vivid green emerald beads which have been painstakingly sourced to ensure perfect symmetry.
Indian House Nirav Modi dazzles at Biennale des Antiquaires Emeralds weighing over 870 carats are complemented by over 146 carats of pear shaped diamonds to create this majestic necklace.

Unique diamond cuts

Some of Nirav Modi’s pieces at the Biennale celebrated the House’s diamond cuts.

The Waterfall Earrings feature the signature Ainra cut, where two curved diamonds are cut and meticulously set to create an all-diamond link, replacing the need for metal chain, giving the earrings unparalleled lightness, silky flexibility and a wondrous flow of light, fire and brilliance.

Ainra cut diamonds cascade down as smoothly as a waterfall. The jewel features over 43 carats of diamonds set in 18ct white gold.

One of the key features of Nirav Modi pieces is to use minimal metal in order to maximise the interraction of gemstones with light.

Another highlight of the show was The Constellation Necklace, created with over 94 carats of the finest quality diamonds, arranged in a flexible knife’s edge framework: it allows the necklace to resemble a constellation of diamonds on a woman’s skin.

The Mughal Choker and Bracelet

The Mughal Choker and Bracelet has beautiful floral motifs set in an intricate design.

It is an ode to the beauty and royalty of the Mughal era.

The jewel features a discrete mechanism which allows the curved choker to be transformed and worn as a linear bracelet as well.

It features special petal shaped Mughal cut diamonds, exclusive to the brand.

Water Lilly

Another popular Nirav Modi exhibit was a necklace and earrings inspired by the blends of harmonious colours of the Water Lillies paintings by French impressionist Claude Monet.