India’s gems & jewellery sector gets preferential access to Australia with India-Australia CECA


After negotiating a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with the UAE, India’s government has secured preferential access for Indian gem and jewellery products in Australia through the recently executed India-Australia Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA).

Currently India-Australia have significant bilateral trade of USD 950 million for gem and jewellery commodities. Key commodities that are exported to Australia are gold jewellery, plain and studded and polished diamonds. The main commodities imported from Australia are precious metals i.e. gold and silver bars.

Colin Shah, Chairman, GJEPC (Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council), said, “The historic India-Australia trade agreement is expected to unlock millions of dollars of additional trade due to the preferential access accorded towards India’s gem and jewellery exports to the island nation.

“While the India-UAE CEPA will build inroads for plain gold jewellery to the Middle East, the CECA with Australia would provide a preferential advantage for the studded jewellery sector. Australia is one of our large suppliers of gold and silver bullion, and until recently, it was also a key supplier of diamonds.

“We expect Australia to benefit from access to areas where India is a world leader, such as diamonds. By providing preferential access for Indian gems and jewellery exports, the deal also makes it cheaper for Australian retailers to procure world-class jewellery crafted with finesse from Indian manufacturers. We expect the Agreement to boost bilateral gem and jewellery trade from USD 950 million at present to USD 1.5 billion.”

Colin Shah

Colin Shah