INDUSTRY NEWS – Charles & Colvard forges strategic alliance with IGI to supply moissanite grading reports


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.Charles & Colvard, Ltd. , a fine jewelry company that specializes in moissanite and lab grown diamonds, has announced an exclusive strategic alliance with the International Gemological Institute (IGI), introducing comprehensive grading reports for moissanite gemstones and jewelry.

INDUSTRY NEWS – Charles & Colvard forges strategic alliance with IGI to supply moissanite grading reports

Picture courtesy of Charles & Colvard

“Not all moissanite is created equal,” says Don O’Connell, President and CEO of Charles & Colvard. “The new collaboration with IGI emphasizes our commitment to maintaining brand integrity in a market increasingly saturated with false information and counterfeit products.”

The grading reports, with unique identifiers tying back to each individual laser-inscribed gemstone, are designed to boost consumer confidence by providing standardized measures for loose Forever One™ moissanite gems, ensuring a reliable standard of quality and authenticity for purchasers.

Expert gemologists will rigorously evaluate and authenticate each moissanite gemstone and provide comprehensive certification reports detailing its quality characteristics.

Consumers will recognize the standard 4Cs used in diamond grading—cut, clarity, carat, and color—in the grading report, along with Charles & Colvard moissanite-specific grading measures.

“Moissanite has long been celebrated for its brilliance and durability, but until now, consumers have not had access to moissanite gemstones with grading reports backed by an industry leader in the space. We believe our collaboration with IGI will be a significant turning point in the lab-grown industry. This strategic alliance will bring unparalleled transparency and accountability regarding the quality of moissanite gemstones. We believe our new certifications will allow consumers, retailers, and distributors to further validate the quality and value of our gems while helping to safeguard customers against misinformation and false claims made by other moissanite providers,” continued O’Connell.

“This development underscores IGI’s commitment to supporting our industry with detailed, accurate assessments,” added Avi Levy, President of IGI North America. “It demonstrates our dedication to reinforcing consumer trust in all of the gemstone products they purchase.”

Forever One™ moissanite gemstone reports will be available exclusively to the trade beginning next week in a limited capacity for the launch. IGI will scale to meet the demand for the reports as their experts continue to grade Charles & Colvard’s moissanite gemstone inventory. Later this year, consumers will also be able to purchase finished jewelry mounted with IGI-certified gemstones from Charles & Colvard.

Both companies will be exhibiting at the upcoming JCK Show, one of the largest and most trusted jewelry industry trade events, in Las Vegas, Nevada, from May 31 – June 3, 2024. Visitors can find IGI at booth #11065 and Charles & Colvard at booth #12058 in the Bridal Pavilion.

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