INDUSTRY NEWS – HB Antwerp first to guarantee the lineage of diamonds with the launch of an IoT device


HB Antwerp unveiled the “HB Capsule,” a proprietary Internet of Things device that uses blockchain technology and data analytics to track every stage of a natural diamond’s journey – down to the most minute interaction – bringing clarity never seen before in the diamond industry. 

The HB Capsule captures thousands of data points along its journey. All this data is immutable and stored on a state-of-the-art HB Ledger created in partnership with Microsoft.

The HB Capsule

“The HB Capsule is the definitive solution for diamond provenance,” said Shai de ToledoCo-Founder of HB Antwerp. “Replacing the century-old parcel paper with an Internet of Things (IoT) device enables us to not only store the actual diamonds but also all the data created during their transformation process from rough to polished.”

Acting as a physical vault, the capsule can only be opened by authorized persons that are next in line to interact with the diamond. Every unlocking, every process is registered on the blockchain. In total, the capsule registers more than 3,000 verification points, including origin, scans of the rough diamond, growth lines and inclusions.

HB Antwerp will use this proprietary IoT-device within its end-to-end closed loop ecosystem.  By doing so, HB Antwerp is the first in the industry to guarantee provenance without disclaimer.   

The HB Capsule advances HB Antwerp’s mission to offer complete transparency into a diamond’s life cycle, promote ethical production, and pay tribute to the communities that own these rare minerals. 

HB Antwerp partnered with Microsoft; Comate, a Belgian engineering & design company; and Rompa, a Dutch production company, to realize the HB Capsule. 

The HB Capsule is the alpha in a family of smart devices to be revealed later this year.