INDUSTRY NEWS – Hockley Mint to offer recycled precious metals as standard for wedding rings


British casting specialist and fine jewellery manufacturer Hockley Mint has announced plans to overhaul its plain wedding rings collection by offering recycled precious metals as standard from November 2022.

Hockley Mint to offer recycled precious metals for wedding rings

This 100% recycled precious metal, which includes various alloys of gold, silver and platinum, is sourced from within the UK and represents another step in the business’s sustainable sourcing strategy. This will be offered alongside the company’s long-standing Fairtrade Gold option for wedding rings and fine jewellery.

Now, retail jewellers who obtain plain wedding bands from Hockley Mint can be assured that their purchases use recycled metals and can pass this information along to their customers on the High Street.

Kevan Jenkinson, Sales Director at Hockley Mint, says: “This is another step towards operating more sustainably. We are sourcing our recycled precious metals from within the United Kingdom as part of our ‘Created in the UK’ ethos. So far, we have had positive feedback from our long-standing wedding ring customers, and I hope more retail jewellers will see this as an opportunity to create a point of difference in their bridal offering.”

Hockley Mint believes in setting high operational standards. It has been a Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) since 2013 and was recently Re-Certified until May 2025. The business was also an early proponent of Fairtrade Gold and, in 2016, it launched the UK’s first Fairtrade Ambassador Scheme to encourage retailers to stock, promote and sell Fairtrade gold wedding and bridal jewellery.

Hockley Mint Managing Director, Gary Wroe, adds: “We take all aspects of corporate social responsibility seriously, whether that’s implementing policies to support our team members or changing our production practices. We are considering ways to negate our environmental impact and operate more sustainably all the time; this is just the latest step in a series that I believe will future-proof Hockley Mint and make our customers feel more secure in their purchases. This confidence flows through the supply chain and will give the end customer further reassurances at the checkout.”

Hockley Mint

Gary Wroe

Future plans to improve sustainability include the installation of solar panels and roof insulation across Hockley Mint’s substantial workshop to improve its carbon footprint and use of renewable energies.

Recycled precious metals are currently standard for plain wedding bands only. For more information, please contact [email protected] .

Hockley Mint to offer recycled precious metals for wedding rings