INDUSTRY NEWS – Indian diamond manufacturer SRK takes steps to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2024


Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. (SRK), a leading India-based natural diamond crafting and exports company, is taking steps to attain Net Zero emissions for both of its diamond crafting facilities by 2024, six years earlier than the UN-backed international goals to achieve sustainable development by 2030.

SRK is  working in partnership with The Global Network for Zero (GNFZ),  which is dedicated to accelerating solutions that will lead to a worldwide zero emissions economy.

SRK embraces sustainability at each step, reflecting a committed dedication to a greener, brighter future. The company tracks its operational performance in energy, water, waste, transportation and occupant experience at both its diamond crafting facilities, SRK Empire and SRK House. Both are high-ranking green buildings.INDUSTRY NEWS – Indian diamond manufacturer SRK takes steps to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2024

SRK’s unwavering commitment to achieving net zero emissions is rooted in industry best practices, science-based frameworks, and third-party validation. The journey towards this noble goal is illuminated by renewable energy, waste management, and water conservation, amongst other initiatives being guided by a comprehensive roadmap.

As a purpose driven company, we believe our commitment to quality and to society and the environment are of the utmost importance,” says Shri Govind Dholakia (Govindkaka), Founder & Chairman of SRK.

Below are few initiatives SRK is taking to meet its commitment to be net zero by next year:

  • Installed an off-site 6 MW solar power plant in the Amreli region of Gujarat to mitigate the entire Scope1 and Scope 2 emissions. Along with this, steps are being taken to ensure that all energy consumed by both SRK Empire and SRK House is offset from the installed capacity of the solar power plant.
  • All the waste paper generated at SRK’s crafting facilities is being recycled. Recently, 705 kg of waste paper got recycled at a paper mill. The paper pulp will be recycled and reused in production of paper.
  • Daily category-wise waste is being monitored, and target is to reduce 50% of the baseline value across each category of waste generation.
  • A bio gas plant will be ready by the first week of August 2023. Organic waste including all the food waste, vegetable peels, tea leaves, etc. of their facilities will be collected and recycled to make compost and power the biogas plant. Embracing the eco-friendly potential of biogas will lead to a remarkable 30% reduction in cooking fuel consumption.
  • A Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is being installed and 100% treated water is being recycled for cooling tower makeup, flushing and gardening purposes, and 0% water is discharged.
  • INDUSTRY NEWS – Indian diamond manufacturer SRK takes steps to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2024